10 Replies to “Gun Country”

  1. Spent the afternoon weeping when I put on CNN.com at lunch. How do we stop these senseless tragedies from happening? I can’t imagine what went through this kid’s mind. I’m 49 now and the thought of this happening when I was in elementary school was the farthest thing from anyone’s mind. What will my two and a half year old have to deal with when he’s 49? Where are we headed? This affected me in a profound way that I can’t even describe. My thoughts are with the families of the victims but also with those who first responded to this horrific tragedy. Unimaginable!!!!! Lets all try and enjoy our kids more than ever. I know I will.


    1. 22 kids were slashed by a nut-job in a Chinese elementary school days before. The difference? They all survived. A knife vs. a semi-automatic gun.


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