‘Tis the season for fortunate Cashews. The Catholic-Jewish combo produces spoiled but beautiful children.

Hanukkah, Chanukah. 8 nights of presents, gelt (money), dreidels, dancing. Gathered ’round the table, they get lots of treats. Zovy-boom and vodka. No, that’s not it. Candles shed their sweet light to remind them of days long ago. Transliterations and latkes. Bah-rook, no toy? They’re annoyed. Happy Menorah-kah.

Then in a coupla weeks, they get Kristmas. Oy.

8 Replies to “CaShew!”

  1. Eli Manning an elite QB??? I think not! Throws up 2 Hail Marys in 2 SBs and gets unwarranted accolades. I can’t stand it! Just threw another disgusting interception but will continue to be the second coming simply because his name is Manning. And I’m done!


    1. Just got home from a holiday party. Missed all the fun. Who wound you up? Go Giants! Go Niners! What’ll I do in the playoffs? Hope you take your meds before the Pats game tomorrow nite.

      oh and who beat the Pats in the SB?


  2. My Jewscopalian grandchild is about to be born. She will spin dreidels and leave Santa cookies and milk. When she gets older she will eat artisan-made latkes and wash them down with gin and tonikahs.


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