Hair Die

Several recent articles about young people suffering from reaction to hair dye. Caught my eye. Upon further research, found a few more stories about women in comas and even dying from the same symptoms that scared me into a two-year anxiety attack. After 25+ years of covering my gray, one day I ballooned up like Harry Potter’s Aunt. Quick antihistamines and Dr.Husband saved me.

You don’t read about these cases in the U.S. media. Hmmm. Wonder why?! Most articles are in UK publications, where the level of PPD allowed is much less. It’s the chemical that adheres colorant to hair follicles in all products and absorbs into scalp. Yikes. Now hair straightening products have deadly chemicals, too. Somebody needs to sound the alarm. Ring Ring Ring.

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  1. The UK, Canada, and Europe all do a better job of protecting themselves. Nicholas Kristof wrote an eye opening column this week.


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