Four O’Clock Rock

Every afternoon at 4:00, after school, we’d go over to cousin Terri’s house. She and her friend Florida would have American Bandstand in black and white on the tube. They were cool teenagers who taught us kids the latest dances. The Pony. Wah-oh wah-tusi. Mashed Potatoes. They’d worry if Carmen wasn’t dancing with Dino that day. Did they break up? Philly teens of every color twisted together across the floor. The first reality television. Singers and the beat of the music mere background to the drama of the ‘regulars’ every afternoon.

Dick Clark created a world where color disappeared as Frankie Avalon and Freddie Cannon shared the stage with Little Richard and Little Eva. Final salute. Good show.

See comments for Hair Die update at dentist.

6 Replies to “Four O’Clock Rock”

  1. is Ryan Seacrest up to the job??

    by the way, don’t know how you did the dental work w/o being numb. Am in pain this AM.


    1. I’m just numb in general. Pain then, none now. Trade-off I guess. Can’t use local anesthetics, linked to hair dye allergy. Long strange story.


    1. Ha. No, not for a few years. I call it going commando. But dentist is very good. Dr. Clayton shout out. You came from a great Daddy dentist. So you’d know.


  2. My father would be proud of you. He was old school and thought I was a wuss when I wanted novacaine when I had a tooth filled.


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