Biden won big in the South Carolina primary. As media foments coronavirus panic-demic to trash Trump, it is resonating more than Russia or Ukraine-gate. If markets continue to tank and there’s a recession before the election, this could take him down.

It won’t be Joe and his energy & charisma. He looks pretty sleepy on Sunday shows. Hillary-esque. Bernie at least fills arenas. Even if Mayor Mike does well on Super Tuesday, we’re left with all old white guys. SAD.

mAd prediction. Biden-Klobuchar. Yawn.

(Joe-mentum coined during Joe Leiberman presidential campaign)

4 Replies to “Joe-mentum”

  1. It’s very simple. Bloomberg needs to drop out today and get all of his support behind Biden. Help him with $$. Otherwise Bernie will get nomination.


  2. Agreed but he’ll get my vote. Of course I’d vote for one of the squirrels running around in our backyard as long as…. well, you know.


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