Dem Debate – Round 1

Breakout- Julián Castro
Stayed the course- Elizabeth Warren
Assertive- Bill deBlasio
Most improved- Cory Booker
Lost ground- Beto O’Rourke
Muddled- Amy Klobuchar

The other four

Supreme Argument

Our niece-in-law Sarah Baumgartel brought a case to the Highest Court last year which was accepted to be heard. As Brett Kavanaugh awaits his fate in the wings for the 9th Supreme seat, Sarah will be center stage arguing her case before the current 8 Justices.

Wall Street Journal article.

October 2. Gundy v. United States – The question before the Supreme Court in Gundy is whether SORNA’s (Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act) delegation of authority to the U.S. Attorney General to retroactively impose the law’s registration requirements violates the nondelegation doctrine. This rarely invoked constitutional principle prohibits Congress from delegating away its lawmaking power without an adequate guiding principle to rein in the delegatee’s exercise of independent decision-making.

Well done and good luck, Sarah!

Unapologetic Polemicist

I do like to stir the pot. Jump into the fray with both feet. Love debating prevailing biases on the news of the day. Here of course on Side Trek. Also frequently comment on NY Times & Washington Post. Where I usually get labeled a Republican. Or worse. A Trump-sympathizer. Now I’ve added The Wall Street Journal to the list. Just got called a Democrat Woman yesterday. Of all things! Nobody knows what to do with my views. Family on both sides think I play for the other team. So to speak. That’s good. Keeps ’em all on their toes.

The Winner Is…

Chris Wallace. Best moderator. Total control. Truly fair and balanced. Both candidates whiffed soft balls in the third and last Presidential debate of 2016. Hey. Scallops were great. However, TTSD is still lingering in the house. 9th of November. Please!!!

White Nehru Dr. Evil Jacket notwithstanding, Hillary will be President.

Last Debate Advice

Cancel the debate. Chris Wallace will annihilate you, Hillary. Trump, you will self-conflagrate as usual. Otherwise, send in Alec & Kate. At least it’ll be funny.

Either way, we’ll eat and drink well in an effort to ward off TTSD. Scallops with Pancetta & Sun-dried tomatoes and Sancerre. RecipeDetours. 

Sunday Smack Down

Hillary finally took my advice. Unanimous consensus. Her outfit an A+. She looked good. And did no harm. To herself. Too bad she didn’t send in Kate McKinnon, though. Donald went all Alec on steroids with nothing to lose. Pow. Bam. Yikes. And Bill had a really bad night. The biggest loser. Journalism. Lost its objectivity and cool. Beyond the pale.

Will it move the needle? Nope. But. It will be fun watching all the Repubs squirm this week.

Debate Advice 2

For Hillary: Let Kate McKinnon stand in and take the night off. For Donald: Go crazy!!!!

Hypocrisy is the order of the day. Republican party is in shambles. This is what we hoped for, isn’t it? So. Hooray. Enjoy a few more weeks of classic SNL, Alec Baldwin, Larry David, Tina Fey. Lin-Manuel killed it. Best in Stranger Things take-off. Brady is back. So is Tiger.

All is right with the world?!