2019 Report Card

From 12/9/2018


Women will march. Bernie will run. So will Biden. Trump will tweet. The media will go nuts every time he does. Lots of people will get shot by guns. – Unfortunately all came true

All-LA Super Bowl – Rams beat Chargers – Half true
Tiger wins a major – YAY TRUE
House gets set to impeach – Um Duh True
Trump mounts foreign military action to wag the dog – Just happened
2 more Supremes get replaced – Nope


Laura Benanti and Melania on Dancing With the Stars – nope
Ronan Farrow caught canoodling with Kevin Spacey – nope
Fired Generals storm the White House – too bad no
Jared and Ivanka hightail it to Saudi Arabia – not yet
Kimberly goes missing on a big game hunt with Donny Jr. – too bad no
Senate coots all keel over during a confirmation hearing – too bad no
Cory Booker is cast in new movie as Spartacus – not yet
Warren v. Harris cage fight on the Senate floor – too bad no
Hillary takes on the winner – no she’s in Northern Ireland
Nancy Pelosi hits herself on the head with the gavel – hmmm
Jeffrey Toobin & Chris Cuomo get #MeToo’d – not yet
Joe Scarborough leaves Mika for Katty Kay – not yet
Ray Donovan fixes Michael Cohen – nope
Yankees have a great season – nope


Never gets old. The joy of New Year’s fireworks in Central Park.
At midnight. Sharp.

Andy Cohen with Anderson Cooper on their 4+ hour show in Times Square,  “It’s like doing a telethon without the disease.”

Scaffolding Post

Post Stuffington. Turkey. Family. Balloons. All fun and happy after the Thanksgiving respite. And. Speaking of Post.

The New York Post has two front page stories about how the ugly scaffolding epidemic has blighted The City. The Scourge of Scaffolding.  And.  Why Scaffolding Stays Up So Long.

I did send them my blogs about it and the recent West Side Rag story. So. Maybe they got the idea from me?

Finished The Crown Season 3. Learned so much about the history of that time. The plight of coal mines, global crises which escaped our near-sighted American-centric focus. As is still true today. We are obsessed with impeachment while Iraq, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Hong Kong, NATO …  For real news have to watch BBC.

Most importantly. Niners lost to Ravens. Maybe a re-match at SB?


Annual Celebration. Dr. Husband’s Birthday Eve. Central Park goes all out in its pyrotechnics display. This year was most awesome.

Okay. It’s also the NYC Marathon Opening Ceremony. They let us locals get right under the lights without obstruction.

No. Not going to run. But hey. It’s fun!

City Skippy Hallow

It’s happening again. The annual annoyance. Trepidatious trigger. Menacing micro-aggression. Halloween.

City stoops draped with creepy crawly spider-infested cobwebs. Blood. Gore. Headless horsemen. Cheap candy. Slutty witches. Pornographic princess costumes. Men in Marvel spandex. Crinkly skin. Gross.


Kids are cute. Until 10-years old. Then. Just. Cut it out. No not the jack-o-lantern. Trick-or-Treating. Arcane holiday. Let it go.

Side Lines

Some people need to take themselves out of the fray.

Hillary. You lost. Get over it. Tulsi Gabbard. Jill Stein. Russian assets. Really? Besides the Russians, Jim Comey, misogynistic men, complicit women, electoral college. Okay. How about looking in the mirror. And. Just. Go away!

U.S. Senators who are running against Trump should recuse themselves from the impeachment trial jury. Or get out of the Presidential race. Direct conflict of interest.

Tom Brady. Retire already. Let somebody else win once in a while.


How to get away from impeachment overload? Dive into a meandering tale along the Thames.   Once Upon A River  by Diane Setterfield

Where does Dr. Husband go to escape the book club discussion on a rainy day? 

Museum of Natural History. 

Of course.