Quaran Quandary

    Risk. Reward. There’s a tension now in many New York City neighborhoods about opening restaurants to outside dining and fear of more virus spread.

Local economies depend on businesses making money to survive.  Boarded up storefronts are becoming the norm. Extended closings will result in more Oxbow Tavern-like desolate corners. Dystopian landscapes.

Covid avoidance avoidance conflict.
Whaddya do?


Finally my brand of crazy is trending. FoMo was fear of missing out. Coveting curated gatherings and not being included. Never had FoMo.

In the time of Corona, it’s more typical to have FoGo. Fear of going out. Always my default, now there’s a good excuse. Lots of kindred friends.

Masks are claustrophobic, but being near non-mask wearers even scarier. It’s not necessarily a good thing. But. It’s a bit of a relief not to feel guilty about staying put. Still wish it were a choice.

Emerging a Bit

Helicopters. Once in a while. Airplanes. Still rare. Birds. Chirpier than ever. Subway rumble. Often. Some Ubers waiting out front lately. Dulcet tones of construction. A private garbage truck went by yesterday for the first time in months. Never thought that’d be a good thing.

As restaurants struggle to open. Using partitions including clear shower curtains between tables. This is ingenious. Little Inn at Washington.

Skins golf. Rory & Ricky. Little by little. Fingers crossed.

The In-Between

Stranger Things place where the gates open to the Upside Down. A place of confusion and panic. Hmmm. Whoever wrote that was prescient. We are in our own version of the In-Between.

Can only see people out the window or on a screen. Most restaurants are re-opening all over the ‘hood. For take-out and delivery. Lenwich, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Greek, Middle Eastern, Cuban. Some with cocktails, too. Let’s clear avenue lanes for al fresco socially-distanced dining!

Sweeper back today. Just brushing the middle of the street. There’s still the caranda. Alternate side next week. Definitely Limbo.

Up Lifts

No. Not botox.

But. Two nurses from Alabama came to the City to work on the front lines. The West Side Rag learned that they were paying their own rent to stay nearby on the UWS. So. They did a story and donated $200 to start a GoFundMe. Within 45 minutes their $9,800 goal had been reached. Community.

Also got to dress up for the first time in months. To make a video for a family event. Plus. Lots of restaurants are re-opening for take-out and delivery. So. Yay.

The Caranda

Sat in our parked car getting glorious sun through the roof, safely away from the crowds all over the UWS today.

As mAd Ben calls it our caranda. We even got a socially distanced visit from him!


It’s right in front of the brownstone that famously blooms with wisteria each Spring. At least that’s stayed the same. Felt almost human.