It’s Mueller Time!

Still waiting for The Mueller Report.
Drinking German pilsner outside at The Tavern is the only way to do it. With a spicy chicken flatbread.

Who is it? And. What is an aperol spritz?

Tennessee and Michigan State are in Sweet Sixteen. 2 to go.

Boroughs Boys

A fight for the working class has emerged with dueling barn-burners yesterday. Trump v. Bernie. Queens v. Brooklyn. FOX v. MSNBC & CNN. Both targeting class rather than party affiliation. This will be the most clear cut battle in the 2020 campaign. On the same rural lawn.

– Hatfield, Massachusetts 2016

Meanwhile best SNL in a long time. Hader with the see-through white Jim Jordan shirt spot on. Stiller as Cohen New York perfection. John Mulaney funny and smart. Well done fun.