She’s Baaack

Hillary never seems to leave the stage. She had dinner with Mike Bloomberg a couple months ago in NYC, and now the leak is that he’s considering her for VEEP.  No!  But. Maybe he’s taking a page from Trump’s troll playbook. When people start criticizing him for past women or criminal justice issues, throw out a crazy shiny object to distract the press. It works. Plus. Hillary’s a woman.

If Mike really does choose the old baggage as his running mate, though. He’s dead to me.

3 Replies to “She’s Baaack”

  1. Story is a plant by republicans and bots. Completely untrue and not even worth discussing in any way. Dems better get act together. Probably too late already. Trump will win in 2020 and don’t be surprised if Junior is the nominee in 2024. Tuscany house sounding better and better every day.


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