Yesterday’s Couple

President Clinton’s tag line. Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow. Yet. Bill & Hill will not leave the stage. Yesterday’s couple. Going on tour for high stakes conversations as has-been pols. Always in search of the next buck. As the Democratic party desperately needs new blood.

Bill’s past antics fodder for #MeToo ads. A new Broadway Show with Laurie Metcalfe and John Lithgow. Hillary & Clinton. Really? Guess the over-65 crowd will go. What’s next? Go Joe! Biden. Yay! Pelosi. No.

Let’s start thinking about tomorrow.

Hillary’s List

Hillary Clinton’s new book. What Happened? An in-depth catharsis about why she stunningly lost the election to that “reality star clown” Donald Trump. It clearly wasn’t her fault.

On her blame list: James Comey. Vlad Putin. Julian Assange. Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden. Matt Lauer. Mark Zuckerberg. Baskets of deplorable men. Well. All white men. Plus Barack Obama. So. What happened? Men happened. Of course.

Winning Lost

Hillary’s stunning Presidential election loss has become a second-guessing cottage industry. Blame basket includes Russia, private server, FBI, misogyny, lack of messaging, staff ineptitude, arrogance, deplorables comment, Obama fatigue, entitlement, lousy personality. To name a few. None of these were the most defining factor. What was it?

The press’ constant stories that Hillary was the inevitable winner. Their polls, assertions about her fail-safe ground operation. Virtually no media outlet considered Trump’s chances to be close. Therefore, those sitting on the fence stayed home, believing that if she was going to win easily, no need to vote for a person they weren’t thrilled about. And, critically, after FBI Director Comey believed Attorney General Loretta Lynch was clearly compromised, he couldn’t hold back potentially criminal information on the manifest next President.

H-Rod Trek

Hillary is making her umpteenth I Am Running for President “introductory” speech. This time on remote Roosevelt Island in New York City. To conjure her spirit animal Eleanor. And her mom. And her granddaughter. Okay. We get it. It’s all about women.

It’s just that Vanilla Ice Chappaqua Grandma isn’t exactly going to energize the young ones. Or the persons of color. To get out and vote. Of course, she’s the only game in town. I just wonder why she wants the job at all. Because she’s a woman? Is that all there is? We’ll listen and see.   Bon weekend.


Hillary Rodham is hitting the Presidential campaign road again. Champion of middle class families. Grandmotherly wisdom and compassion. Mature view of the world. Announcement video panders to every constituency from brown babies to gay dogs. A solid strategy. It’s about us. Not her. Given the competition on the right, it could be a home run for H-Rod in 2016. We’ll see.

Gorgeous day to launch a political ad. Nobody watching the Masters anyway. Spring has finally sprung. Runaway by phenom Spieth. So far. We’ll see.

Hill Rules

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, went to the Hill to take questions on the Benghazi attack in Libya. She handled a grueling day with grace and professional demeanor. Her command of facts, clarity on the dangers we face in the world was beyond impressive. She took the politically charged rancor of Senators Johnson, McCain, Paul with even-handed, but assertive aplomb. Take that, FauxNews.

Hillary said that no matter whether the attack was motivated by a bunch of guys who wanted to kill our Ambassador for sport or a terrorist group, 4 people died. So, the most important issue now is to determine what Congress and the Administration can do in the future to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the many global “hot spots”.  It will take more financial resources, for one.

Secretary Clinton will be missed. Hope she runs in 2016.