Fracas in Vegas

Democrat Debate Night again. This time on the Las Vegas strip. NBC moderators. They hate Bernie according to Vanity Fair. So will the questions to him be fair? Can Amy & Lizzie come out swinging? Will Joe rope-a-dope? Will Mayor Pete join Mayor Mike on the box?

Do or die for Bloomberg as he joins the fray. All punches will be going his way. Can he take the incoming with confidence and sharp jabs?

Fingers crossed while swigging a Big Gulp.

Four Old White Guys

Seems that’s what we’re left with. Four old white guys. Trump is the youngest of the group at 73.  Biden, Bernie, Bloomberg all late 70’s. Pushing 80. Yikes. No women. No youth. No color in the supposedly diverse Dem party. But. Bernie is the darling of the kids. Young Pete is lagging yet popular with the geezer set. Makes no sense.

Trump has Pence as VP. Old white Dems should consider Stacey Abrams. Young. African-American. Woman. Born in Wisconsin. Served as House leader in Georgia. Runs a voting rights and census organization. Smart.

Speaking of old white guys. Laugh of the week. Larry David deflating a blow-up sex doll on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

She’s Baaack

Hillary never seems to leave the stage. She had dinner with Mike Bloomberg a couple months ago in NYC, and now the leak is that he’s considering her for VEEP.  No!  But. Maybe he’s taking a page from Trump’s troll playbook. When people start criticizing him for past women or criminal justice issues, throw out a crazy shiny object to distract the press. It works. Plus. Hillary’s a woman.

If Mike really does choose the old baggage as his running mate, though. He’s dead to me.

Bon Hiver

So far a dreary gray warm season. Today clear crisp sunny and cold. Finally feels like winter. Without the snow. Also it’s dreaded Valentine’s Day. Hardly knew it was coming this year. Mike Bloomberg’s ads are so frequent they’ve taken over the airwaves. So. No pajama-gram or teddy bear spots. Yay. And. It’s his birthday. I know. Obsessed.

In other good news. Ray Donovan is resurrected from cancellation to have a finale. Plus. Tiger is playing in his own tournament. Pretty well.

Magic Mike

Leave your hats on. No tear-off chaps. Mini-Mike has his own magic. Lots and lots of cash. Street smarts. Success in private and public sectors. But. Delusional Democrats who profess to care only about beating Trump are writing, and heckling, and scorning his stop-and-frisk and red-lining history. Okay. Maybe some of his words were untoward.

If Bloomberg doesn’t pass the purity test, who’s left? Sorry guys. If he’s not perfect enough you’ll get 4 more years of Trump.

Bloomberg Rising

Bloomberg has his own money. He will be beholden to no special interest groups. Nor lobbyists. So. What’s the problem, Bernie?

Onward to South Carolina. Insulting voters of color by lumping them into one basket not good, Joe. Maybe they are individuals with minds of their own. And. It seems some like Mike. More every day.

Now third in the national polls. A successful real billionaire businessman and great mayor of NYC.  Who better to manage the country?

Meanwhile. Betcha Amy will win Dixville Notch.

No Break Outs

Friday Night Lights. Democrat Debate. No Break Outs. No Break Downs. If there was a winner, it was Amy Klobuchar.

Joe took to yelling as a substitute for articulation or passion. Mayor Pete loses on the race trope. Lizzie Warren has an annoying voice. That’s just the truth. Bernie was strong with the exception of his guns argument. Steyer made the best points about defeating Trump.

Mike Bloomberg looks better every day. Pragmatic. Centrist. Strong.