House of Stereotypes

The final season of House of Cards is a pathetic celebration of stereotypes. With a little ridiculousness added. Claire Hale Underwood. The first woman President schemes to become Vice President before she inherits the job from a complicit murder of Frank Underwood, her President husband. Then she spars with her bff mean-girl rival born of old prep school jealousies. Random. Lame. Finally. She becomes hormonally psychotic in the Oval Office. Even Hillary seems sane compared to this. Sorry feminists. Claire makes you all look so bad! Sad.

Robin Wright v. Diane Lane. The latter better in The Romanoffs.

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  1. Hahaha. I got it right. I said to Alison when we were through 5 or 6 episodes, Candy is going to destroy house of cards on her blog. Well done!! And we both agree with you. Not good now. Trying too hard. Francis Underwood desperately needed to make the show worthy of watching. Show has no character. Everyone is angry and dark. At least Kevin Spacey acted his dark scenes with wit and a sense of humor. A shame, miss the original show.

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