Donald Badenov

Cartoony. Even Rocky & Bullwinkle’s stumbling Russian spy Boris Badenov cannot rival Donald the Dufus’ latest bumble. Hey Lavrov! Back slap Kislyak. Come into my Oval office. Bring your cameras and listening devices. Dah. Dah. You von’t show photos, okay? Let me tell you Ruskie guys. Ve get such huge intelligence on Isis. Thees is vhere ve get it. Better than you. Vant to see my electoral map? Crowds at inauguration? Thanks for coming boys. Daz Vee Dahnya.

Now CNN vill never shut up.

6 Replies to “Donald Badenov”

  1. Hahahaha. So well said. You need to get a show either on Comedy Central or……wait, networks aren’t worthy. Start your own! Come on, we can do it. We have the advertising genius, I can produce the pants (no pant suits!), we have the medical staff and writers, grant writers if necessary as well. Beautiful kids, crazy family members…… omg!!! Ceeping up with the…..Col……no. Levitating with the Lev….no. Hmmmmmm. We have to give this some thought. Help Ben!!!!!


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