Femmes Fatales

Women. Murder. And such. The Feud had promise. Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford. Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis. But. Acting so bad. Not campy bad. Just bad. Couldn’t get through the first episode. Big Little Lies. Nicole Kidman. Reese Witherspoon. Ditto. Derived from a typically insipid Liane Moriarty book. Girls. Lena Dunham’s best season yet.

Little Deaths, a murder mystery novel by Emma Flint. A Brit who has been obsessed with crime stories since she was a girl. An okay read with with a bit of a feminist agenda. Baileys Prize Longlist. Used to be Orange Prize. Both sponsors have since ditched. Why a segregated genre for women authors? Lots of women winners of Man Booker. Good writing is good.

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  1. Thanks for heads up on Emma Flint. Have been watching Big Little Lies. Slavering cliques of women are my worst nightmare, yet I continue watching. Will pass on The Feud and look forward to watching Girls at some point. The debate about prizes is always fraught. Writers are still moaning about ManBooker opening up to American writers. Julian Barnes said it would make it less likely for an obscure Canadian to have a shot. Howard Jacobsen said that no American ever wrote anything worth reading. Since 1969 31 men and 16 women have won the prize. What does that statistic mean? I love that in 1977 Philip Larkin threatened to jump out a window if Paul Scott’s Staying On did not win. BTW, I read Staying On last year and liked it very much. Have you read Beatty’s The Sell Out? It is my kindle, but I have not started it.


  2. Agree about “Girls” but man, a lot of bad naked!! More than usual. Not that pregnant women aren’t beautiful when naked, but Hannah has a way of…… I don’t know. Someone help me out here…..I just have a tough time with her nudity. Dr. G, help!! Adam Driver is for me the best one on the show!!


    1. Ah dear Joe, seems like you have bought into the popular cultural myth defining the ideal female form, a definition that perhaps 3% of all women could come close to achieving with a lot of exercise, dieting, and surgical enhancements. You could work on expanding your personal definition of beauty to incorporate characteristics beneath the surface (reference “Shallow Hal”). Or, you could fast forward! Hope this helps. BTW, I am not a fan of extensive tats, nor do I see the obvious hypocracy of that admission.


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