Monday After

Sergio v. Justin Rose in a classic sudden-death Masters playoff. Seve Ballesteros’ birthday spirit gave García the day. Girls break up over their deep-seated narcissistic ways. Homeland finale. New York restaurant scenes aside. Isabella‘s Upper West. Orsay, Upper East. Chilling call for checks and balances. Could be quite current.

Fly the Friendly Skies? Airlines’ extreme overbooking. Next. They will drag people off planes to make room for dogs. If you pay more you can stay. Otherwise. Tough luck.

Femmes Fatales

Women. Murder. And such. The Feud had promise. Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford. Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis. But. Acting so bad. Not campy bad. Just bad. Couldn’t get through the first episode. Big Little Lies. Nicole Kidman. Reese Witherspoon. Ditto. Derived from a typically insipid Liane Moriarty book. Girls. Lena Dunham’s best season yet.

Little Deaths, a murder mystery novel by Emma Flint. A Brit who has been obsessed with crime stories since she was a girl. An okay read with with a bit of a feminist agenda. Baileys Prize Longlist. Used to be Orange Prize. Both sponsors have since ditched. Why a segregated genre for women authors? Lots of women winners of Man Booker. Good writing is good.

Masters Class

2016 Masters Champ Danny Willett not refined. Gritty Brit. Gracious in victory. Despite Spieth’s sourpuss toss of the green jacket. He choked. Yes. He’s a kid. Okay. But. Showed lack of class. Rory and Rosie did tie. For 10th.

Girls. Hannah’s body is not best in show. Too much exposure. We get it. Though. The series hasn’t matured despite its stellar cast. Lena’s nakedly raw writing has gone berserk. Game of Thrones returning. Maureen Dowd’s column with Peter Dinklage an uncomfortable miss.

Pick ‘n’ Roll

TV pick of the year so far. Conan in Cuba. You have to find this 90-minute window into a wonderful culture just off our shores. Laugh until you cry. Learn so much. O’Brien’s nod to Bourdain’s Parts Unknown with a slap stick.

March Madness rolls on. Sweet Sixteen. Um. Joe. Michigan State beat oops… Virginia! Who is still in? Oh, yes. All of my teams.

Girls finale. They are finally gaining independence and perspective. Growing up. Gone Girl. Found it at RedBox. It was good. Rosamund Pike personified Amy as in the book. Affleck not so much Nick.

Run Ted Run. This could be fun.

Mad March

My pre-bracket picks are still in play. Kansas, Indiana, Duke, Gonzaga. UMass didn’t make the sixty-eight. Harvard did? Madness marches to its final fate. Workplaces take annual diversionary break. It’s fun. Longshot? Liberty.

Can the Cypriots bring down the Euro house of cards? A financial cascade could happen. Profit-taking time. Krugman calling. Austerity may soon be us.

Season finale Girls. Shoshanna breakup performance tour de force. Zosia Mamet can act. Marnie’s happy ending with Charlie contrived. Didn’t buy it. Hannah learns allies are hard to find, including her ‘girl’ friends. Adam’s loyalty rang true.


David Mamet’s daughter Zosia is busy. Lena Dunham pinky-swore that she wouldn’t kill off Shoshanna on Girls as has been widely and wildly predicted. Zosia’s Joyce may or may not return to MadMen6 in April. Weiner threatened to take her first born if she tells. She describes her characters, as “Mad Jap” and “Crazy Lesbian”. Plus, she’s Really Really got a hit Off-Broadway stint.

Argo was an unearthed gem of a screenplay. Fast-paced. Well done. Best picture? Dunno. SkyFall tongue-in-cheeky. Daniel Craig not handsome, no sexy Bond girl. Javier Bardem as campy villain worth half the price of admission.

Shakey Ground

Hagel staggers into Pentagon today. Diminished by his own performance, just as sequester negotiations peak. Obama’s weak presence on the Hill will seal another fractured financial fate. Trickle-down redefined as reality in the States.

Women in the workplace hits tectonic plate. Yahoo’s mommy CEO rattling feminist base. Face-time still important in the office. Work-life balance teetering.

Girls on the cliff. Enough Lena butt already. Graphic testimony in crazy Arias slut trial, too. Eeeyu. Beyond Fatal Attraction. HBO’s Parade’s End a plodding facsimile without Downton’s appeal. Cummerbund mumbles and waggles.