U.S. Broken

Two flawed presidential candidates. Commander-in-Chief forum on the Intrepid. Should be Trepidation. Stranger Things? That’s a crazy Netflix show. 80’s spoofy scary comedy. Okay. Better than the election.

Over in Flushing Meadows. Is there any more boring U.S. Open ever? Lame. Literally. Defaults. Walkovers. Johnny Mac is apoplectic. So are we. Pouille.

Go Garoppolo! No.

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    1. Stranger Things recommended by mAdBen. Binged all 8 episodes. Until we realized it was meant to be a spoof of the 80’s SCI FI and horror scenes, we didn’t quite get it. As a campy comedy it was better. You had to wear a shirt however to appreciate it.


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