mAd Horizons

Joan continues to be the stalwart survivor. Sizes up the situation, takes her $2.5 mil and splits. Never will she rely on a man to rescue her. Baby Daddy Roger can’t be trusted to step in. He’s making excuses to Peggy as she roller skates into her new career at McCann. Hope the others take my advice.

And then there’s Don. Betty doesn’t even want a back rub from him. At McCann, as he sits in the conference room with a cast of too many around the table and watches some guy give his original best schpiel from five years ago, he bolts. In search of the elusive ideal mommy. Windows loom. He always likes playing the stranger. Lost horizon. Ageless? Or.  Still wishing for Shangri-L.A.

Sterling, Draper, Campbell & Holloway

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