mAd Prey

Who will survive the transition from Sterling Cooper to McCann Erickson? Staff seems smart enough to know their days are numbered. Don may have a role, but he will be a little fish in a big pond. Roger’s corporate power is gone. Pete has always appreciated Joan’s value. Without his nudge, she wouldn’t be a partner. Now, as Joan faces a frat culture, she is rightfully realistic about her future. The consistent pragmatist, will she choose old rich dude or stay the course until she’s sidelined? Peggy will survive as a creative soldier. Her heart-wrenching sacrifice cannot be in vain. Everyone has made trade-offs. Careers over family.

In the end, they are all just prey. I hope there will be a new agency in L.A. Sterling, Draper, Campbell & Holloway.  We’ll see. Last three.

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  1. Last night’s episode made me realize, more than ever, that you truly do need to go back to the beginning of the series and see all. So many people say, you can watch and still get into it. You can, but not having seen the first couple seasons left me confused last night and I was deprived of the same emotions my lovely wife was experiencing. Incredible show!!! Someday I’ll go back and see it all but wish I did earlier.


    1. Didn’t realize you didn’t see first seasons. Yes, they provide depth and context. Peggy & Pete had a baby. Product of a fleeting tryst on the couch at work. She got “fat” and from the get-go planned to give it up. Pete had less ease with the decision truth be told. Don played a compassionate role.

      Lots of other foundational exposition to be sure.


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