Hello Doilies

Remember those doily mats with hearts glued on them? Valentines in grammar school. That’s cool. After that, not. Grown girlies in hoody footies having 50 shades of grey with life-sized Teddy Bears on Saturday. Yuk. Play cloying Sam Smith googly eyes ripoff of Tom Petty’s I won’t back down. Yuk. Women have lost decades of liberation and respect. Men acting like twits buying expensive wilted flowers and overpriced bad dinners for what? Teddy in the middle.

Speaking of ripoffs. Just finished The Devil You Know by Canadian author Elisabeth de Mariaffi. Her debut novel is a literary thriller. The writing is crisp and clean, and the mystery has its moments, but the young reporter is so silly and the ending so lame as to ruin it. Sorry. Anybody read a great book lately?

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