Addled Reads

Addie. Ada. Adelaide. Women-y novels. Not my fave.

The Boston Girl, by Anita Diamant. Syrupy story about a Jewish family pre-WWI in Boston. The smart, cute daughter of three, Addie Baum’s luck was incredible as she escaped the critical eye and neglect of her financially struggling immigrant parents to be welcomed into a high class world with summer trips to Rockport. What?  Yiddish terms seemed forced with a smattering of contextual history. Very light read indeed. **

The Magician’s Lie, by Greer Macallister. Reminiscent of World of Wonders. Turn of the century in America. It’s about Ada, who becomes Arden a female magician, protégée of the first, Adelaide. Boyfriend manager far-fetched. No character came to life except for Ray who was stalker evil. If someone wants to do you harm, the only way to escape is through magic or murder. Ending hard to swallow, like a bad fire-eater. A pretty good escape on a snowy weekend. ***

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