Monday Verde

St. Patty’s Day. Go Green. ZooMass in the bracket race. Nothing new in the world. Malaysian plane is still missing. Crimea is still part of Russia. Don’t care about South African murder case. Eschewing stale TV, retreated to reading.

Finally finished The Deptford Trilogy. Last novel, my favorite, World of Wonders, is a tragic intricate tale told by kidnapped boy turned magician. It takes us from the depths of Deptford, Ontario to London, Paris, the mountains of Switzerland. The most colorful book of the three, life in carnivals and theaters explores human frailties that manifest in good and evil. Full review on TrekBooks. Good writing stands the test of time. Thanks for the journey, PithyV.

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  1. My final four. Michigan, Michigan state, Kansas & Arizona. Michigan State beating Michigan in the final. Yes, a 4 seed winning it all!!!


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