Allons Enfants

Or not. Some cannot. Who do we incarcerate in our Bastilles? Didn’t Trayvon have the right to stand his ground? Hard to do when a gun is brought to a fist fight. Technically the six women on the jury followed the law. Not guilty has never meant innocent. Le jour de gloire n’est pas arrivé.

Back in France, Maureen Dowd is checking out historic women’s underwear at the Museum of Decorative Arts. Corsets, hoops. Lingerie. Which I pointed out, les citoyens de l’USA can’t pronounce. Hint. It doesn’t rhyme with USA.

3 Replies to “Allons Enfants”

  1. Juror speaks out to Anderson Cooper. Married to lawyer. Going to write a book. Talks about “George” like he was her best friend. Laments how “they” act and behave. So clueless how racist her remarks were. Did she get on the jury with an agenda? There may be more to this story.


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