Sang Froid

Viewer frenzy. Season 3 Game of Thrones, too gruesome grotesque. Did they see Season 1? Brutal porn. Beheadings, heart-eating, animal skinnings. Season 2 starts with baby-cide. Hard to believe it could get gorier. Usually eschew blood & guts. But, characters are compelling, acting good. Soldiering on.

MadMen. More Megan foreshadow. Sharon Tate-esque bandana this week. Real-life murderers. MadManson like MadKing Joffrey. And 5th anniversary of Jodi Arias’ fatal attraction throat-slicing frenzy. Froid. Sang. RFK. Hmmm.

Weather too perfect for this. Out to the garden. Red roses poised to pop.

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