Six End

MadMen6 ends at Dick’s childhood home. A ramshackle whorehouse in some mid-western town. I thought he lived on a farm. Wasn’t there a farm? Anyway, Don’s descent to the bottom complete. Don the pretender was too hard to sustain. He needed to show his kids who he is. Betty already knows. Pete, too. Roger & Co. seemed stunned. No matter, besides his drinking, his candor cannot be tolerated. Clients need their fanatasy images of AdMen. Dapper Don is dead.

Joan’s bodice seems to take up the entire frame. It’s growing by the week. She does act more board member as a decision-maker in the new re-structured agency. Ted and Megan are gone. Off to Los Angeles. Duck is back. Peggy stays married to her work. As she seems destined to be. Bob. Don’t care.

MadMen7. Will be the last. Does Don rise from the ashes? Start his own firm? Become a decent father? Will he change his name back to Dick? Season 6 was not a happy nor well-written one. Last night back on track. Oh, and guess who got the Hershey account? Ogilvy & Mather, of course.  Matt Creamer’s recap.

June 24, 2013. 666.

Rose Petals

Never promised you a rose garden, Phil. Bridesmaid again. Justin Rose to the occasion, the least singed by a satanic course. Nobody in the red. Merion Golf Club won the U.S. Open. DSC_0006

Bloom is off MadMen6. Besides Don drinking even earlier in the day than usual, not sure where it’ll end next week. Everyone seems to be failing to navigate a thorny transition in the merged agency. Joan too easily drifts from partner to office manager role. Ted is giddy for Peggy. Where’s Roger? Miss him. Pete is all over the place. Poor Ken got Cheney-ed. Back at the MadPad, Megan is weary and wary. Sally’s cast off to Boarding School with Glen. Betty encourages her to smoke. All very confusing. Not in a good way.

Tried New Day on CNN. Cackling women and Chris Cuomo. Flip to Morning Joe. Over on FauxNews Sarah Palin is back and still sounding like Miss Utah.

In A Blink

Tiger and Stevie together again. At least for 2 days at the U.SOpen. Seems like yesterday they were winning majors every week. Not one since… Tebow newly signed with Pats. On one knee. Why? And after a Blue Heron wedding in Sunderland 3 years ago, Jane Lynch and her wife are done with a wink.

Game of Thrones marathon complete. Red Wedding carnage. Lorca would be proud. Dragons are cool. Kids rule. MadMen6 almost done. Series began just a blink ago. But, before the NY advertising world was a twinkle in mAdBen’s eye.

Meh Men

MadMen6. Sylvia again? Meh. She is an ugly woman. In more ways than one. So is her son. How much does poor Sally have to endure? Megan is looking better every week. Peggy trades in men for a cat. Always the pragmatist. She couldn’t bear to tell Pete about his Mom’s real stumble onto their real child together. Whatever happened to that kid? Bob has bad gay-dar. Ted is too nice. Don is descending into the abyss. No kiss can undo the damage done this week.

Why didn’t we watch the Tony’s or stay with Game of Thrones?

Sang Froid

Viewer frenzy. Season 3 Game of Thrones, too gruesome grotesque. Did they see Season 1? Brutal porn. Beheadings, heart-eating, animal skinnings. Season 2 starts with baby-cide. Hard to believe it could get gorier. Usually eschew blood & guts. But, characters are compelling, acting good. Soldiering on.

MadMen. More Megan foreshadow. Sharon Tate-esque bandana this week. Real-life murderers. MadManson like MadKing Joffrey. And 5th anniversary of Jodi Arias’ fatal attraction throat-slicing frenzy. Froid. Sang. RFK. Hmmm.

Weather too perfect for this. Out to the garden. Red roses poised to pop.

Happy Junio

Sticky stormy start to June. FauxNews continues to foment fear to increase ratings, keeping country at a stalemate. While bridges crumble, rails break. Third world airports disintegrate. Tiger sputters out of control. Ok. Enough bad news.

Finally climbed up to the thorny Throne. Games are addictive. Season 1 done. MadMen6. Joan brings in real new business as the boys play in L.A. Peggy slowly gets up to speed. Women don’t easily support each other. Man up!

Weekend Treks

Off to Paris, New York, or Hampshire CountyThe Other Side of Massachusetts this weekend? Check out the new website. Then revisit TravelTreks for back roads side treks along the Connecticut River Valley and beyond since 2006.

Hot forecast, cool Tiger. Early sputtering at the Memorial. French Open. MadMen6. Seems Megan’s t-shirt with the red star wasn’t an anachronistic Macy’s logo. No, it was an allusion to Sharon Tate’s famous 1967 photo. Uh oh.