In A Blink

Tiger and Stevie together again. At least for 2 days at the U.SOpen. Seems like yesterday they were winning majors every week. Not one since… Tebow newly signed with Pats. On one knee. Why? And after a Blue Heron wedding in Sunderland 3 years ago, Jane Lynch and her wife are done with a wink.

Game of Thrones marathon complete. Red Wedding carnage. Lorca would be proud. Dragons are cool. Kids rule. MadMen6 almost done. Series began just a blink ago. But, before the NY advertising world was a twinkle in mAdBen’s eye.

Meh Men

MadMen6. Sylvia again? Meh. She is an ugly woman. In more ways than one. So is her son. How much does poor Sally have to endure? Megan is looking better every week. Peggy trades in men for a cat. Always the pragmatist. She couldn’t bear to tell Pete about his Mom’s real stumble onto their real child together. Whatever happened to that kid? Bob has bad gay-dar. Ted is too nice. Don is descending into the abyss. No kiss can undo the damage done this week.

Why didn’t we watch the Tony’s or stay with Game of Thrones?

Sang Froid

Viewer frenzy. Season 3 Game of Thrones, too gruesome grotesque. Did they see Season 1? Brutal porn. Beheadings, heart-eating, animal skinnings. Season 2 starts with baby-cide. Hard to believe it could get gorier. Usually eschew blood & guts. But, characters are compelling, acting good. Soldiering on.

MadMen. More Megan foreshadow. Sharon Tate-esque bandana this week. Real-life murderers. MadManson like MadKing Joffrey. And 5th anniversary of Jodi Arias’ fatal attraction throat-slicing frenzy. Froid. Sang. RFK. Hmmm.

Weather too perfect for this. Out to the garden. Red roses poised to pop.

Mad Cap

Betty is back. So is the show. She’s lookin’ good again, and Don falls for her during a nostalgic night at Bobby’s summer camp. But, Betty has learned that Don punishes women who love him. She smartly stays happy with Henry.

Don tries to reconnect with Megan, but she’s also figured him out. At work, Joan is in charge and gives Roger the heave-ho. Her young white knight is spreading kindness wherever he goes. We get another glimmer of Pete’s heart. Peggy is petulantly uncreative. Ted thinks so. Don knows her best. Everybody seems more true to character, though. Just in time for the season’s bow.

Rainy TV~ PBS: The Bletchley Circle. Based on true story of four women who cracked a code in WWII England. Suspend disbelief as they become sleuths. Dirk Gently. Quirky detectives. Laugh out loud with a jaundiced view. CNN: Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. Remote world food with soul.

Daffo Dilly

Daffodils up. Finally. Welcome distraction from bombs, cowardice, guns. Explosions, more blood. Ted Cruz gets scarier every day. Turning off the tube to take long-awaited refuge on the porch. Until Sunday night.

Lured back to MadMen. Once more, Creamer nails it. His hero is Ted Chaough, the real Ad Man. Ruthless, shrewd, but not morally corrupt in his personal life. Peggy has escaped to an agency where boundaries are defined by the office door. Not sullied by unseemly relationship spillover. SCDP the whorehouse, with no clear pimp. Hard-drinking, bad-living aging johns in an ever decaying brothel. Still want to see more triumphant Joan for a modicum of redemption.

Mad Men 6

The return of Don. He’s still with Megan. I want my story. The one where Don does Megan’s betrayed friend. Weiner & Co. are still on vacation in Hawaii. What did that have to do with anything? It’s as if last season didn’t happen. No transitions. Fast-forward to somewhere boring. A disjointed, erratic script.

Megan as  soap actress, wanting more scenes with Victor. Must be Y&R. Joan looked like a bloated clown in her purple outfit. The long sideburns on the men were revolting, if authentic of the day. Peggy has become silly strident. Betty has morphed into her mother-in-law, capped by the black hair. What was with the St. Mark’s Place sojourn and Sandy? Random. Not cleverly so. Don has disappeared into himself. Hope they wake up from their sunburns and next week is better.

No offense, MadMen. It was 2 hours of ads and very little show.