GOP Smacked

Evil GOP pundits got smacked. Gloating Alert. Loved Rove going nuclear when he didn’t think Ohio should be called. Megyn Kelly lost her smirk. Had to watch Fox & Friends this morning. Deer caught in headlights. Listened to Beck blubbering. Rush ranting that he’s outnumbered. Howie Carr crying like a baby. Eric Bolling bawling on The Five. This was a major reason I was so nervous that Romney may win. I’d have to endure these guys. Ok, gloating done.

What was Diane Sawyer on? Somebody said, only time they want to hear Gallup or Pew again is if a horse breaks wind. Now what are we going to do?

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  1. I liked that comment as well. And I watched some clips of Sawyer and she had to be drunk. One clip in particular. And you could tell by looking at George S’s face! She needs to retire!


  2. Thanks for gloating just a bit. Anyone that has been subjected to Fox News deserves to. Hoping for a productive next four years!


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