First Women

Who will prevail? Michelle Obama spent most of Letterman’s show last week talking about parenting and her work with childhood obesity and Veteran’s needs. She was funny and real. She should stay. Her friend Valerie Jarrett is her President Husband’s closest advisor. She should go. I said so, NYTimes.

Ann Romney got some good reviews at the RNC, but lamenting rising gas and grocery prices fell flat given her reality. In our local Gazette, a letter recounted an appearance by the then Massachusetts First Lady. At a gathering of low-income Moms, Ann told the group how she could relate as the mother of five sons. Why, one time she and Mitt were playing mixed doubles at the Belmont Tennis Club, and she had to leave in the middle of her set to calm a sibling feud. No.

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    1. Another great night last night. Warren did a good job. Bill Clinton as Statesman. Definer-in-chief. Perfect. Why is anyone surprised that he went rogue and veered off script? Nobody does it better.


  1. Thank goodness PrezO didn’t give that speech in a stadium. Rehashed platitudes. Joe had the heart and policy soul. A rousing convention ended with a soft denouement.


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