Bon Hiver

Yes, a happy winter for those of us who value lack of shoveling over skiing. So, will our snow storms be limited to Halloween and April Fool’s Day? We’ll see.

Justin Timberlake’s Bon Iver was so perfect as to be unrecognizable. BronxBeat re-heat. SNL good lately. Preview of Season 5 MadMen, end of Downton. Matthew and Mary together. How long can that last. It’s a soap after all.

Social issues dominate the debate. That and the height of trees in Michigan. Advantage Democrats.

3 Replies to “Bon Hiver”

  1. The SNL skits on Beyonce and others were priceless. Timberlake was excellent as well. Thx G for DVRs for allowing us early to bed people to see the show.


  2. SNL was great Saturday night. Linsanity skit was the best and SO true. Timberlake beyond talented in so many ways. Fun to watch again and I actually like that it’s not about politics all the time. I guess they don’t have any funny skits to write with the snoozefest we have with these candidates.


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