Jack Treks

What would I do without Jack Cafferty? He makes dinner prep fun. As I’m chopping and stirring, he gets me laughing and thinking. His jaundiced slant on events of the day are typically aligned with mine. It seems reciprocal. He reads my pithy points on the air often. There’s a whole page on my blog to prove it. Soon CNN’s Situation Room will be moving from 5-7 to 4-6pm. I hope Jack’s Cafferty File will still be there. I’d follow him anywhere.

“What’s your greatest fear if the U.S. fails to raise the debt ceiling? He asked last night and read what I said: “As a former international banker, I’m not scared at all. It’s a global economy. We all need each other. Rating agencies have become meaningless. Life will go on. What scares me is how dug in the ‘tea party’ is in wanting to eliminate government. But, don’t take away their Medicare.”

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