Last Ballot

70% of Americans said this was one of the most important elections ever. Jack Cafferty asked why? He read what I said, “The country has passed its tipping point. Both parties need to grapple with how to balance an aging and diverse population’s needs without going completely broke. If civility doesn’t replace sniping, the Mayans may have been onto something.”

Kudos to Axelrod, Messina, Plouffe. Brilliant tactical campaign. Let’s hope Obama picks just as strong a White House advisory team and Cabinet to lead us through the tough challenges of the next four years. Exhale. Bon Weekend.

Prez Pre-Bate

New York Times Magazine article on “The Mitt Romney Who Might Have Been”. If Mitt the Massachusetts moderate had a backbone and didn’t chronically capitulate to the Republican right, he may be a more appealing candidate.

Frank Bruni’s column “Trembling Before Mitt”, wonders which Mitt will show up at tonight’s debate. Success in primary contests was accomplished by his opponents’ lack of gravitas. Perry, Bachmann, Cain et al.

Jack Cafferty asked what Romney needs to do to win the first debate. He read on-air what I said:

Evening Joe

Joe the Flubber. Biden. As I said on the air last night on Cafferty, “Let Joe be Joe. Always off the rails, unfiltered. Yet, he is authentic.” Needs to get a grip, though.

Joe the Plumber. He wants to shoot people who come over the border. Joe Walsh called the President a liar. How did that work out? Joe Klein aka “Anonymous” Primary Colors says Paul Ryan lives in Libertarian Disneyland. Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe,  wants to tackle real issues. Why are we spending $Billions a day on tragically flawed wars? Joe Arpaio, from Springfield, MA, now AZ, in bed with Trumpster, still debating Obama’s birth certificate.

And my Joe’s. Grandfather, father, brother, nephew, cousins. All perfecto.

Cafferty Double Play

Jack read my comments on both hours of the CNN Situation Room tonight

Why won’t Romney debate Gingrich one-on-one? “Mitt is counting on Newt to implode on his own, then he’ll become the nominee by default.”

Not since FDR has a president been re-elected when unemployment figure is higher than 7.2%. Is Obama doomed? “Republicans seem determined to see that Obama gets re-elected. Herman the Pokeman, Newt the Grinch, Mitt & Jon the Mormon-bots, Michele the Ditz, Perry the Joker. Obama may not be doomed no matter what the unemployment number.”

Jack Treks

What would I do without Jack Cafferty? He makes dinner prep fun. As I’m chopping and stirring, he gets me laughing and thinking. His jaundiced slant on events of the day are typically aligned with mine. It seems reciprocal. He reads my pithy points on the air often. There’s a whole page on my blog to prove it. Soon CNN’s Situation Room will be moving from 5-7 to 4-6pm. I hope Jack’s Cafferty File will still be there. I’d follow him anywhere.

“What’s your greatest fear if the U.S. fails to raise the debt ceiling? He asked last night and read what I said: “As a former international banker, I’m not scared at all. It’s a global economy. We all need each other. Rating agencies have become meaningless. Life will go on. What scares me is how dug in the ‘tea party’ is in wanting to eliminate government. But, don’t take away their Medicare.”


Mormon wars? Huntsman v. Romney? Jon Huntsman, Sr. and I go back to 1986 in the banking bizness. Jon, Jr. dipped in and out of  Huntsman Chemical, and was on hand when his Dad gave me a salute at the family’s Park City ski lodge in 1994. Not surprised that Jon Jr. would run for Prez, but shocked that he’d do it this year against another Mormon. That doesn’t happen in LDS-land. Huntsmans and Romneys have deep ties to each other and the Church. Huntsman’s campaign advisors come from the McCain camp. There’s gotta be more to this story… 

Carol in Northampton, Ma., made her 24th appearance on the Cafferty File, 6/22. “Could a Mormon Ever be Elected President of the U.S.?”

May Trix

May playing plenty of tricks on the mind. Matrix=something from within or from which something else originates, develops or takes form. May reflects that definition in many mirrors I see. Birth marks. Anniversary shells. Milestones. Academic closure. Decades turning. Careers gestating. Memories. Anticipation. Guess that Buddha book got to me. Ohmmmmm.

Jack Cafferty asked if Trump’s run for Prez is over. Check out what I said, on air. Remember when names were nouns? Moroccan?

No Trump Bid

Little slam. Trump for Prez? I facetiously said he’d say ‘you’re fired’ to lobbyists and extraneous government staff. But, what is up with this absurd ‘birther’ bent?! Is it just a publicity play? Could be. My theory is that Trump and Oprah are in cahoots to get the wacky right to vote for Trump and split the Republicans so Obama slides in. Giving them too much credit?

Butler, it’s called BASKET ball. Will Tiger be a factor at all in the Masters? I say no. If Phil wins back-to-back, who’ll put the green jacket on him?