Costly Cuts

OZY-Fest cancelled in Central Park. It’d be bad to have a baked crowd on the Great Lawn. Costly for promoters A-Rod & Co. Park wasn’t happy anyway about the profit-making show. So.

An hour-long CNN event last night. To pick 20 names out of a hat. Seriously. Dems split debate July 30 & 31. Bernie and Lizzie with a light-weight first night. Second stage stronger with Harris v. Biden again.

Over at the British Open. Not many marquee players made the cut. Leaders going in beards & bellies. JB & Shane. And Woods. No not Tiger. Fleetwood & Westwood. Sad about Rory. It’d be great to see Lee do it. Joey3Sticks picks all still in the hunt.

Last Ballot

70% of Americans said this was one of the most important elections ever. Jack Cafferty asked why? He read what I said, “The country has passed its tipping point. Both parties need to grapple with how to balance an aging and diverse population’s needs without going completely broke. If civility doesn’t replace sniping, the Mayans may have been onto something.”

Kudos to Axelrod, Messina, Plouffe. Brilliant tactical campaign. Let’s hope Obama picks just as strong a White House advisory team and Cabinet to lead us through the tough challenges of the next four years. Exhale. Bon Weekend.

Prez Pre-Bate

New York Times Magazine article on “The Mitt Romney Who Might Have Been”. If Mitt the Massachusetts moderate had a backbone and didn’t chronically capitulate to the Republican right, he may be a more appealing candidate.

Frank Bruni’s column “Trembling Before Mitt”, wonders which Mitt will show up at tonight’s debate. Success in primary contests was accomplished by his opponents’ lack of gravitas. Perry, Bachmann, Cain et al.

Jack Cafferty asked what Romney needs to do to win the first debate. He read on-air what I said:

Treks & Queries

Off to the country house, Jeeves! I’ve changed into my weekend plaids and my purse is packed with fig newtons. What is the weather forecast?

Questions of the day. Cafferty asked what it means that almost half of Americans die with less than $10,000 in assets? Married seniors are better off than singles in retirement. Thank goodness, after 30 years of marriage, I’ll have someone to drive the mortgaged RV when we run out of dough. Soon.

Has anyone asked Zzzomney what he has been doing since he left the governorship of Massachusetts and lost the 2008 nomination? Counted his cash? Watched his wife’s horse dance? Jet skied? Blogged? All of the above? Curious.

Mad Weekend

Fun weekend with Ogilvy‘s newest Account Executive. Congrats to Ben! A lucky client will be getting all of his attention. mAdBen took us on a tour of Ogilvy with its DonDraper-esque decor overlooking the Hudson. Later on MadMen TV, Maman Marie was naughty ZooBeeZoo. Those French Canadiennes, woo.

Dining not as exciting. Mario’s on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx is a scene from Sopranos’ central casting. If canned clams and stale pasta are authentic, then it is. Being with Betsey & Ben for lunch was molto bene. Flatiron’s Madison Park sublime on a mild sunny afternoon. Dinner at The Black Duck, not so much.

My favorite ‘mad’ journalist asked what the most useless college major is:

Olive Oil

A Firestone family heir deigned to be The Bachelor on TV some years back. One of his bimbo suitors tried to enchant him, “Do you like Italian food?.” “Yes,” he responded. “Oh. You must love The Olive Garden!” she enthused. “No.” “But, you said you like Italian food!” “Yes.” “And you don’t love The Olive Garden?” “No.” Quizzical, confused look by bimbo. Fast forward to Grand Forks Herald. Ms. Hagerty’s “EatBeat” recent adorable review as haute cuisine comes to town. You gotta read it. Priceless.

So, gas prices. Will they affect your vote? Jack asked and after having to eschew the crowd at Cumberland Farms in Flo, I said maybe so. Check it out here.

Cafferty Double Play

Jack read my comments on both hours of the CNN Situation Room tonight

Why won’t Romney debate Gingrich one-on-one? “Mitt is counting on Newt to implode on his own, then he’ll become the nominee by default.”

Not since FDR has a president been re-elected when unemployment figure is higher than 7.2%. Is Obama doomed? “Republicans seem determined to see that Obama gets re-elected. Herman the Pokeman, Newt the Grinch, Mitt & Jon the Mormon-bots, Michele the Ditz, Perry the Joker. Obama may not be doomed no matter what the unemployment number.”