Kranky Kristmas

Holly, jolly. Not so much this year. Everyone seems to be in a kranky mood. It’s not unusual for the holidays, stress abounds. Uncertain economy, lousy job market, transitioning college kids, major moves, aging parents, aging us. Makes this season scroogier than usual. Don’t even put on the news. Adults in short supply, Congress still scrapping in its sandbox.

Prospect of Jake’s first Christmas with cuzins brightens the spirit. Singing at OldBaldGuy’s piano with an egg nog will add more needed cheer. For all its faults, family is tradition and hope. So, we’ll light the dysfunctional candle, suck it up and in the end make the best of the next two weeks. It may even be fun! Hmmm. I’ll let you know.

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  1. As a member of many of the thoughts in the first paragraph, It has indeed been a difficult year. However, family and friends, parties and silliness, champagne and shirts can and will cure all. I have a good feeling about 2011. What do you think witchiepoo, great things ahead? Success and happiness for all………………I promise it’s coming!!!! And may everyone dance at their grandchildren’s wedding.


  2. No,no,no,no,no…….. My first Christmas/Hanukkah will not be filled with “uncertain economy, lousy job market, transitioning college kids, major moves, aging parents, aging us” stuff……I don’t know from this nor do I care to. I say we kick it in gear and party like its 1999 (sorry, my dad likes Prince……..what a loser!) I’ll be dancing on Christmas eve and I expect everyone to join in ( I like a slow, deliberate sway from left to right with an occasional yelp, but the rest of you can do whatever you like).

    Giddyup!!!!! (Once again, my Dad’s a loser. Sorry!)


  3. Oh and how did Jamison get a photo instead of a snowflake?????? I guess he’s the cool cousin……I like him!!


  4. No, Jakey. Not the coolest, just the geekiest. He uses to make his bald, geeky and vain head show up on all the blog comments. And somehow started writing about himself in the third person again. Oh, jet-lag.

    Can’t wait to see ya’ll!


  5. well not a member of the above-family but…………I say 2011
    will be a good year to celebrate somebodies big birthday in March!!


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