Weekend Treks – May Daze

This just in- Kirsten Gillibrand, U.S. Senator (D) New York will have a very enthusiastic intern from NYU this summer-Ben Levine. Congrats!

Cuzin Ben met Jake yesterday and was won over by the tiny one’s charms. Lots of aunts, cuzins, and grandmom coming to adore. Jordan and Joe must be smoking ceegars and beaming! Won’t be watching Tiger this weekend. Have to pick Sidney’s Candy for the derby. A very happy birthday to godson Jamison tomorrow, can’t wait to be with him in Maine to celebrate his wonderful accomplishments in a coupla weeks. Shout out to A-man and GQ, you know why.

Speaking of Papa Joe, he was fond of a silly ditty, “hooray hooray the first of May, outdoor blanking starts today”. It is going to be 80+ degrees today, so?!

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  1. Forgot about that Daddy ditty.

    Jake has even won the hearts of jaded nurses who told the proud parents,,,’I have to say he really is a beautiful baby’.

    Congrats to Ben! If anyone can get her re-elected…!


  2. Thrilled to help someone as accomplished and appreciative as Ben. He was raised well!!


  3. Did. You catch Leno at the correspondent’s dinner last night? He killed… the event!! He should just retire already. One of the worst performances ever… and I’ve seen a lot of those phony made for TV Dean Martin roasts in my time!


  4. I concur!! Leno was simply awful and I couldn’t wait for him to get off the stage.I thought Obama was so much funnier.
    Did anyone Joe and Mika this morning on MSNBC at 8am? They were still dressed in their formal wear and sunglasses.


  5. Leno should be fired again! Didn’t see Joe / Mika but they can’t trash Leno, same network.


  6. Leno was so bad the room was in shock and then it never ended. Painfully uncomfortable to watch from the couch.

    Mika looked RiDiculous! Put some clothes on woman. She’s been only a disappointment since she started mugging for the camera in her tight shirts and rolled up jeans. Journalist you say?

    Agree, It was fun to watch NBC commentator dance around how bad Leno really was. 


  7. did Mika really have to wear her strapless gown on Sunday morning tv? But of course she wears sleeveless even when it isn’t warm on morning tv. I have to admit I bought and read her autobiography prior to hearing her speak at the 92nd St Y with Joe- OY.
    I used to like her but she has become soooo annoying and full of herself. She and Joe spend a lot of time traveling together ???


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