Mama Treks

I never understood why Mother’s Day triggered the need for kids and even more bizarre, husbands to give Mamas gifts. As a Mom I am happy that I’ve had the experience. There’s no better gift than being a Mother. I didn’t seek it out, but it’s been the most gratifying, fulfilling role I can imagine. Whatever I’ve done is not out of a sense of obligation, but joy.  There are sacrifices that both parents make which they should.  When we take on the parenthood thing, we become forever committed and responsible for the happiness and welfare of our kids. For me, Mother’s Day is silly, everyday is mother’s day and it’s the best thing in the world.

That said, we are going to spend the weekend with a most determined new Mom and Great-grandma Betsey a wise and funny matriarch. We’d do it whether it were a Hallmark holiday or not.

So, thanks Ben for making me the most incredibly proud Mom, and just study for finals no gifts!

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  1. Okay! No gifts for you…just A’s…which I will use (I hope) to get into law school…which I will ask you to help me pay for…which is ANOTHER gift for you!


  2. I agree! My Mother’s Day gift is that I have 2 wonderful sons who are intelligent, healthy, loving and wise.


  3. Very nicely said and will make my two ungrateful brats read this. Only kidding . They’ll never read this. Sorry, just needed to add some snark,,,it was getting gooey.

    Here’s to moms everywhere!


  4. Have a lovely MD wherever you are spending it. It is particularly more enjoyable when your kids are appreciative of your efforts 🙂


  5. Mother’s day is a celebration of the kids! Mother couldn’t be mothers without the brats. I’m very proud of being that brat who makes Mother’s day such a commercial success.

    But like cousin Ben, I’ll skip Hallmark; I’m just going to bring home the As.

    Go Mom’s and Godmas!


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