Walls Bridges

John Lennon’s fifth album. 1974. Whatever Gets You Through the Night. It’s all right. Gray autumn so far. Darker mornings. When do clocks go back?

Check out the Fall Edition of MSKCC Bridgesespecially relevant in October.

Mitt the Massachusetts moderate has climbed over the right wing wall. Obama better learn to leap soon. Enthusiasm poll is the only one that will count on election day. He has to convince us why he wants to stay.

Cliché of the day. Friend jumper.

Mile Marker

97 degrees today. Reminiscent of hottest June day in Manhattan at PithyV’s 76th Street flat off Park Avenue. 30 year milestone. Dr.Husband may say millstone. Seems like yesterday.

Maybe not. Let’s see. Reagan, Thatcher, Mitterand, Brezhnev, Begin, Trudeau led the world stage. McCartney-Wonder’s Ebony & Ivory. Kingsley’s  Ghandi.

Suite at the Carlyle, before our first SideTrek cross-country. Route 80. I drove on highways, then. With a little help from friends. Stops in Santa Fe for a full lunar eclipse, seedy casino motel in Vegas, ending at 1808 Pacific, SanFran.
A long and happy ride.

Four O’Clock Rock

Every afternoon at 4:00, after school, we’d go over to cousin Terri’s house. She and her friend Florida would have American Bandstand in black and white on the tube. They were cool teenagers who taught us kids the latest dances. The Pony. Wah-oh wah-tusi. Mashed Potatoes. They’d worry if Carmen wasn’t dancing with Dino that day. Did they break up? Philly teens of every color twisted together across the floor. The first reality television. Singers and the beat of the music mere background to the drama of the ‘regulars’ every afternoon.

Dick Clark created a world where color disappeared as Frankie Avalon and Freddie Cannon shared the stage with Little Richard and Little Eva. Final salute. Good show.

See comments for Hair Die update at dentist.


Springfield, Massachusetts is not ‘the’ Simpson’s city. It’s the one in Oregon. Geez. My aunt Marge Simpson was from ‘our’ Springfield, so thought it was us for sure. No Uncle Homer, doh. Springfield, Mass., does have Dr. Suess’ house on Mulberry Street, he grew up here. So is the Basketball Hall of Fame, where Naismith invented the peach-basket game. Joseph’s Clothiers  was founded in 1918 on Ferry & Main.

We have the Connecticut River with its fertile farms and tobacco barns. Four famous colleges are just up the road. Amherst, Smith, Mount Holyoke, and Hampshire. So there, Bart! Herrell’s ice cream is better.

Feb 30

February 30th? No. 30 years ago February. Where were you? Letterman began on Late Night TV. Living on Greenwich Avenue, West Village, weekends in East Hampton, planning adventure to China, Mongolia, Tibet.
(Mongolian minder and me).

Working at Republic National Bank of NY, commuting on the B train to 40th & Sixth. No thought of getting married nor moving to SanFran a few months hence. In the moment.

Drag On

Year of the water dragon. Black. Volatile. Strong. Will a fiery year ensue? Obama calls for unity once again, still an appealing theme. His personality is what differentiates him from Zzzomney and the Grinch as Repub debates drag on. Madden-esque mud fest at Candlestick. Could’ve gone either way in OT. Sloppy defensive slog. Brady lucky he didn’t go into OT, slithering into another SB. Neither win felt triumphant. Grandson with dog collar ad hilarious.

Books Page. The Strange Fate of Kitty Easton- Elizabeth Speller. World War I, its human toll depicted at Easton Manor, as with Downton Abbey this season. Nostalgic nod to Elaine’s from forgotten photo archives.

Recipe Detours. Alison’s roasted asparagus with pan sautéed hake. Finally fun to cook again. Distractions from Grinch and Zzzomney. But hey, Obama can sing.

The State of Our Union depends on the State of the European Union in the coming year. Davos discussions by that 1% will make it clear.

Another Orchard

 Think different. Imagine. Steve Jobs is gone. He will fertilize another orchard somewhere out there now. Down here, the mundane reality is that jobs are gone. Silly people pretend as politicians solve nothing. Local apple orchards are brimming for picking. Atkins’ Fruit Bowl is full. Life goes on without a core visionary.