Do the Hustle

Overt street strumpets. Anything for a donation or a vote.

Elizabeth Warren ingratiates herself to faux ancestors. American Indians. In Iowa. Bernie Sanders courts criminals in and out of prison. He’s desperate. Kirsten Gillibrand now ready to give #metoo villains Franken et al a second chance. Ditto. Julián Castro brazenly goes after dog lovers’ dollars calling for shelters to collar euthanizing. Where will all those pups go? Oh yeah. Airplanes. Hotels. Restaurants. Right.

Pete Buttigieg trots out his husband Chasten on Fire Island and in Provincetown. LGBQRST coin. Kamala Harris professes to be a capitalist while sipping rosé with CEO’s in the Hamptons. Cory Booker is indiscriminate. Kinda like Trump who pretends to pray with Evangelicals. And of course Joe. Barack’s best friend. Sad.

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