Collateral Sadness

Bea and Ariane. Kate Spade’s and Anthony Bourdain’s daughters. 13 and 11. They are the true victims of their parent’s suicides this week. Their loss is exacerbated by a future of questions and abandonment. Whether intended or not. Also feel for Eric Ripert who found his pal Tony. It’s not something he’ll ever forget. Guilt. Remorse. Who knows. For other family and loved ones as well. These acts take such a toll.

Bourdain’s poetic storytelling was masterful. He brought people from far away cultures into our homes. His joie de vivre was contagious. It seemed. But, his dark side crept out in many journeys as he recalled past demons of substance abuse. Credit him with shining a bright light on the opioid epidemic in Western Massachusetts. It was a catalyst to delve into the rural crises which became a national focus in the 2016 campaign.

Parts unknown. Indeed. Sad sad days.

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  1. Just seeing this. Alison and I were both destroyed this morning by the news of his death. We actually recorded his show every week and watched it while eating dinner almost every night. He was a part of our family daily and it was a very difficult day to get through. If someone you know needs help, then find any means possible to help them. I can’t help but remember all of those times he would say “ oh that’s good” while tasting his fare. All I can say is we will miss him dearly and hope that his legacy lives on and his wit and wisdom continue to make differences in this crazy world we live in. RIP Tony!!


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