Summer Clunkers

Beach reads not even worth the reviews. Chick lit lite. At best. The Heirs, Susan Rieger. A superficial soap opera with implausible scenarios. Ditto. The Arrangement, Sarah Dunn. You guessed it. A couple with an autistic boy decides to set ground rules for cheating on each other for six months. Of course. It all goes wrong. Syrupy in the end.

Ray Donovan. This season better get better. Fast. Devolved into maudlin slow episodes. Last week of GOT. No! Good thing it’s gorgeous weather. Tavern on the Green patio. Or. Bringing our own chairs to watch eclipse, read, have lunch in the park. Yes!

6 Replies to “Summer Clunkers”

  1. Agreed about Ray. Need to get over themselves and stop the maturbatory self indulging shows. We need some action for the love of Abbs!!! Right? Mcgregor wins tomorrow night in the most elaborate fix in sports history. Bye bye Vegas!! I didn’t bet but just have a feeling. You? Dr Husband?

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  2. Lighter gloves, younger guy, longer reach. A set-up for a Mcgregor win. Although Mayweather might end up killing him if he lands a clean punch.

    Like the “masturbatory self indulgence.” The phrase, not the indulgence.

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