Local Reflections

A glimpse of Election Day on the Upper West Side, a hyper-liberal urban enclave. I overhead the Hispanic doormen and porters in our building say they voted for Trump. Most of these guys have 2 jobs to take care of their families and send their kids to college. Later in the day, as a movie was being filmed on our street, I was surprised to see many of the grips and other crew members wearing red hats that said “Make America Great Again”.

Then after the election, a 10-year old boy who lives on our floor said to Dr. Husband, “I hit myself on the head with my lunch box because Donald Trump is President”.

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  1. Jake actually cried. Not kidding. Spent 2 days in Charleston SC. Got on flight yesterday, tried to hijack flight to Vancouver but to no avail. Home now and still in a fog. Will never watch CNN, MSNBC or Foxnews ever again. Ever!!!


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