Shallow Bench

Both conventions are over. Hillary delivered a good acceptance speech. Though devolved into her perennial schoolmarm lecture cadence in the end. What are we left with? Neither party highlighted a new generation of Republicans or Democrats. Light on gravitas. The best speakers were cops and mothers and fathers and preachers.

So now. We have to choose between a wacky narcissist and a stale politicrat. Let’s hope this lousy avoidance avoidance conflict will shake things up so much that better candidates will emerge for the next election.

One thought on “Shallow Bench

  1. “Wacky” is how one describes a harmless eccentric. Trump is a dangerous deranged demagogue. There is a simple choice in this year’s presidential election. But too many voters are hoping for a simplistic solution to their problems and appear ready to buy what he’s selling. I fear the outcome.


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