Hillary’s List

Hillary Clinton’s new book. What Happened? An in-depth catharsis about why she stunningly lost the election to that “reality star clown” Donald Trump. It clearly wasn’t her fault.

On her blame list: James Comey. Vlad Putin. Julian Assange. Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden. Matt Lauer. Mark Zuckerberg. Baskets of deplorable men. Well. All white men. Plus Barack Obama. So. What happened? Men happened. Of course.

Coarsest Discourse

Can’t the election just be over? It has happened. The coarse discourse of this campaign season has gotten worse. It has devolved into a tit for tat of Donald and Bill doing bad things to women. Pussy bows and pussy footing around. The larger problem of men with fame and power taking advantage of women over the decades. From LBJ to JFK. Congressmen. Newsmen. Creepy bosses. Casting couches. Complicit spouses.

It’s a dynamic that seems to be never ending. Too bad the first woman to become President is the wrong person to shine the light on this ongoing epidemic.

Retro Grade

Seems like everything is moving backwards in slow-motion.

Tiger decided not to make his latest comeback at the Safeway tournament this week. He hasn’t hit a golf ball in public for over a year. Will he ever again?

In Miami, it’s the Clinton-Gore retro show. Trying to appeal to millennials with a droning speech on climate change and revisiting hanging chads. Yawn. Meanwhile, Trump has declared war on the Republican party. Solidifying an eponymous third party for the future. Reminding us of his true end-game. This is TNN.

Flashback to M.A.S.H. Ran into Alan & Arlene Alda strolling through Central Park on our daily constitutional by the Lake. Looked like a happy couple of 58 years.

Hillary in the ‘Hood

paltry-motorcadeHillary meeting with her war team at New York Historical Society two blocks away. General Petraeus heading a National Security Advisory Group in a round table session made to mimic a Situation Room. Nobody around on 76th Street on a hot afternoon as she was whisked in the side door.

nurseHer “nurse” and “epipen guy” in tow. epipen-guy

Shallow Bench

Both conventions are over. Hillary delivered a good acceptance speech. Though devolved into her perennial schoolmarm lecture cadence in the end. What are we left with? Neither party highlighted a new generation of Republicans or Democrats. Light on gravitas. The best speakers were cops and mothers and fathers and preachers.

So now. We have to choose between a wacky narcissist and a stale politicrat. Let’s hope this lousy avoidance avoidance conflict will shake things up so much that better candidates will emerge for the next election.

American Brands

Clinton v. Trump. Hillary Clinton’s brand supersedes her gender. The Clintonian era is indelibly etched in main stream America’s modern culture. President. Two Terms. First Lady. Senator. Global Initiative. Presidential Candidate. Secretary of State. Presidential Candidate. Only the Bushes rival this stalemate.

The Trump brand is long suffered, too. True. Beauty pageants. Skating rinks. Casinos. Apprentice reality tv show. High rises. Golf courses. But, in politics. His brand is new.

Speaking of branding. Will she use her first name to keep the distinction pure? Hillary/Tim ticket. Or Clinton/Kaine.

El Trumpo v. La Hillary

It’s official. Hillary has clinched the Democrat nomination. Stifled yawn. King of bigotry v. Queen of misandry. And. That’s only if you are politically correct. Old white men v. old white women. That’s pretty much what it’ll be. Hey. They are both the same age. Old. Young voters are with Bernie. Where do they go now? We’ll see. Those other monolithic ethnic colorful constituencies. That’s where the race will ultimately be. Too bad. Labels and division still rule. Leadership should inspire. Everyone.

Cut the Cards

Hillary’s new campaign ad. Send money and literally get a pink (seriously) plastic card that says Woman Card. Broken record alert! Why don’t they get how insulting this is to treat women as a monolithic group who all think the same way? She indicts Donald for playing the “Trump Card”. Which means anti-women. Despite the fact that he is an equal opportunity offender.

Yes. He does accuse Hillary of only having that one card. Game on. Cut the cards and deal.
Bon weekend.

Going to the Dogs

The Big Dog. Donald. As W. and Laura arrive to prop up Jebra’s languishing bid in South Carolina, appearing in the little box, Trump coincidentally holds a news conference on the big screen. Mika & Morning Joe will have El Trumpo at the same time Anderson Cooper hosts a Town Hall with Cruz and Rubio.

The Lap Dog. Marco Play-Doh. Republican Establishment’s favorite puppy.

Best in Show. Hillary. She makes it too easy. How did she not know that the talk shows would play clips of her many prevarications followed by barking dogs.

Westminster’s actual choice will be made tonight.


CNN Repub. Debate. Okay. Nobody took my advice to steal the discussion. Boring. Long. 3 hours of Trumping around. Jeb! woke up a little, but his RBF is a mirror of his mother’s. Yes. Carly has neutralized H-Rod’s woman factor. She is smart and good. But, again. The RBF needs work. A little too sour. Pataki in the first debate was strong in his defense of the rule of law v. theocratic leaning arguments for the marriage license lady. Rubio a sweaty nervous mess. Ben Carson sleeps while he speaks. And. Trump. All screen. All the time. In the end. Kasich-Fiorina a great ticket.