Hillary in the ‘Hood

paltry-motorcadeHillary meeting with her war team at New York Historical Society two blocks away. General Petraeus heading a National Security Advisory Group in a round table session made to mimic a Situation Room. Nobody around on 76th Street on a hot afternoon as she was whisked in the side door.

nurseHer “nurse” and “epipen guy” in tow.¬†epipen-guy

Shallow Bench

Both conventions are over. Hillary delivered a good acceptance speech. Though devolved into her perennial schoolmarm lecture cadence in the end. What are we left with? Neither party highlighted a new generation of Republicans or Democrats. Light on gravitas. The best speakers were cops and mothers and fathers and preachers.

So now. We have to choose between a wacky narcissist and a stale politicrat. Let’s hope this lousy avoidance avoidance conflict will shake things up so much that better candidates will emerge for the next election.

Tale Spinner

Michelle Obama was wonderful as the Mother-In-Chief. Tour de force speech. Her cred spread to Hillary. Even better. Bill Clinton spun a tale about his sweetheart Hillary. A woman who eclipsed him and enticed him all at the same time. A storyline brilliantly crafted and compelling. Editing and foibles aside. Portrayed an enduring partnership. Rang true. Good for you. Well done. President 42.

Berning Hot

Sizzling temperatures spilling into Philly. CLINTON-KAINE rollout rocked by Debbie’s DNC mess. Her selfish tenacious hold on the reins creating havoc at the convention. Threatening to undo unity. Bernie’s delegates will not be silenced. No wonder. They were ripped off.

TRUMP-pence playing with Putin? As they rally right through the Dems’ party. Hot times.

Sugar Kaine

Hillary’s Veep pick. Tim Kaine. Nice guy. Winning smile. Sincere. Sweet. Celtic syrup. Centrist with a heart. Not moon-batty enough for the Sanders-Warren swath of the party. But. Hey. Habla muy facilmente. Paunchy white guy vs. Yup. Inspirational? Nope. Steal Hillary’s dim glow? No. So. Woo hoo. Yawn.

Law & Order

The catch-phrase of the day. Trump & Co. Not the show. But of course, that’s the source. A TV institution. Is there anyone who hasn’t guest starred on Law & Order? And. Where is Trump going tomorrow? Indiana. Mike Pence’s State. So. Yeah. That’s my Veep prediction. Nevermind. His Indiana rally just got pulled. Who knows? Omarosa?

Hillary & Bernie are tying the knot. Finally. So what.

American Brands

Clinton v. Trump. Hillary Clinton’s brand supersedes her gender. The Clintonian era is indelibly etched in main stream America’s modern culture. President. Two Terms. First Lady. Senator. Global Initiative. Presidential Candidate. Secretary of State. Presidential Candidate. Only the Bushes rival this stalemate.

The Trump brand is long suffered, too. True. Beauty pageants. Skating rinks. Casinos. Apprentice reality tv show. High rises. Golf courses. But, in politics. His brand is new.

Speaking of branding. Will she use her first name to keep the distinction pure? Hillary/Tim ticket. Or Clinton/Kaine.