New American Divide

Peggy Noonan‘s piece in the Wall Street Journal analyzes the new voting “base”. From her New York neighborhood to the Trump-nomenon. Elites vs. non-elites with no particular party loyalty. Confounding pundits and reporters alike.

And then there’s the arcane paradigm pitting men against women. It’s beyond insulting to think that women vote in a mindless monolithic block. Hillary’s history-making inevitability. Really? Wondering why H-Rod and bff aide Huma Abedin stayed married to bimbo-eruptor Bill and sleaze dog Weiner. How does that recommend them to repudiate acts against. Wait for it. Women. Or girls.

Game Changers

Are the tables turning? Defining moment. Apolitical sibling yearned to see Trumpo at New Hampshire town hall. Ready to make the trek. Wow. The Donald expects to fill a stadium in Alabama tonight. What will he say about North Korea’s war taunt? Kim Jong. Bing. Bing. Bong. Bomb. Bomb. Bomb. Probably. While everyone else scowls and gripes. H-Rod to go toe to toe with Joe?

Tiger shot a 64. Could there be more? Caitlyn Jenner changed so she could go to a women’s prison for manslaughter? Just asking. Bon weekend.

Desperately Seeking Somebody

Democrats are scrambling to find somebody to rise from the bench if/when Hillary implodes. Bernie energizes the moonbat far left base. Biden never stimulates votes. God love him. Gore rumor quashed before it became one. Kerry lame afterthought. Warren done. Anemic choices.

Repubs not so great, either. Jeb’s foreign policy speech at Reagan Library written by Dick Cheney, Kristol, Wolfowitz. NeoCons Term3. Trump, Carson, Fiorina anti-magnetic forces with short shelf life. Kasich not igniting sparks.

Tiger out. Spieth and McIlroy even. PGA a bust of late. Somebody. Fire us up!

Bye Felicia!

Oh Donald. What have you done? What are we to do now? Listen to the rest of the boring pack for another year. You gave us so much entertainment. And now it is done. Yes, you don’t reserve your boorish comments for just women. You are an equal opportunity insult machine. Prisoners of war as cowards and such. But, there are some places you cannot go. And you went there. Megyn got to you.

At least H-Rod is immune from that particular attack. Shark. Jumped.

Politico Show

The Donald is being called a rodeo clown. King of hyperbole. Maybe. Ted Cruz seems reasonable next to Trump. Frank Underwood would. But, the clown’s role is to keep the bull away from the fray. Hmmm.

If book sales serve as a signal to future success, Republican candidates to date have little hope. They all have books out. Best seller is Ben Carson’s at around 30,000. Least is Carly Fiorina with 2,000. Rubio got an $800,000 advance and sold less than 20,000. An advance of that size would need hundreds of thousands to justify it. So, not very impressive by any of them.

Meanwhile, Hillary is coming off as a cranky granny. Snarly. Bernie gaining ground. If he were handsome and young, wow. It’d be quite a different show.


Who isn’t? Even Romney may be back in the fray. Christie. Jindal. Kasich. Join Trumpster, Huckabee, Cruz, Paul et al. So many clowns in the little car. How does Arnold say his home state? Carly Fiorina. Nod to Jimmy Fallon. At any rate. It’s going to be so much fun!

Let Bernie take on Hillary as a sideline. C’mon. Vermont Socialist Jew with a Brooklyn accent? Talk about entertainment. Bring it on everyone! Still holding out for my Bloomberg Mike. Strawberry Fields Forever. Bon weekend.

H-Rod Trek

Hillary is making her umpteenth I Am Running for President “introductory” speech. This time on remote Roosevelt Island in New York City. To conjure her spirit animal Eleanor. And her mom. And her granddaughter. Okay. We get it. It’s all about women.

It’s just that Vanilla Ice Chappaqua Grandma isn’t exactly going to energize the young ones. Or the persons of color. To get out and vote. Of course, she’s the only game in town. I just wonder why she wants the job at all. Because she’s a woman? Is that all there is? We’ll listen and see.   Bon weekend.


Hillary Rodham is hitting the Presidential campaign road again. Champion of middle class families. Grandmotherly wisdom and compassion. Mature view of the world. Announcement video panders to every constituency from brown babies to gay dogs. A solid strategy. It’s about us. Not her. Given the competition on the right, it could be a home run for H-Rod in 2016. We’ll see.

Gorgeous day to launch a political ad. Nobody watching the Masters anyway. Spring has finally sprung. Runaway by phenom Spieth. So far. We’ll see.

Women v. Women

Women’s worst enemy? Other women. NYPost exposes Valerie Jarrett and Michelle O behind HRC email leaks. And other intrigues emanating out of the feminist wing. Beware women’s rights advocates. They are all for your rights unless you are wrong. Hillary not liberal enough. Yes, they like another woman, Elizabeth Warren. But, they are backing Martin O’Malley, too. I know. I plead guilty. And don’t even talk to Maureen Dowd. Ouch! Most scathing anti-Hillary column ever. Should be interesting Morning Mika tomorrow. She overtly pushes the Valerie-Michelle-Warren agenda to promote her book and lecture series.

And… just finished the number one best seller The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins. Weak women. Bad men. Yawn. Three needy, vulnerable competing current women tell their stories around an English train track. Intriguing literary device. Reductive in the end.


And so it begins. Hillary hijinks. Bill bimbos. Chelsea Global Initiative CEO-gate. Clandestine Clintonian clan returns to the headlines. They make it so easy for the opposition. Their hubris knows no bounds. Laws don’t apply to them. Huma Abedin, tweeting Weiner’s wife, is Hillary’s closest assistant. Hill has also surrounded herself with Bill’s former henchmen. Mostly male this time. Her private emails play right into the Benghazi-crazed crowd. Would be entertaining if Dems had another candidate on their bench. But, they don’t.

HRC could be our commander-in-chief when Iran mounts a nuclear arsenal against ISIS’ knives. Drumbeats of World War III. Scary times.