Not really. Trump is not an ideologue who craves power. He is rather a pragmatic demagogue. His new call to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. is a dangerous extreme and crosses the line. That’s his negotiating strategy. Start with the most outrageous to shape the debate. Congress is already voting to ban immigrants from certain countries. His end game is to make America tougher.

Simplistic brazen narcissism? Yes. Will he win? Maybe. Unless rest of the Repubs can rally around one candidate. Not sure who that would be.

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  1. On a cool Spring morning in early 2015, Don and Hill met up in Chappaqua to discuss the plan. Trump would distract and bloviate the GOP rightward, while Hill quietly maintained a comfortable Democratic lead, and ultimately garnered a nomination. Trump would unveil the true danger of the modern Republican party — namely it’s racist, violent, insecure dimwittedness — and Hillary would win handily.

    It appears as though Hill’s shill has become more of a Manchurian Candidate. And the con isn’t so fun anymore.


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