Seasonal Slant

As someone who thinks they watch too much TV. Can’t believe how few shows I’ve seen from Emmy nominees. House of Cards. MadMen. Homeland. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. That’s pretty much it. Hope Jon Hamm’s year. Ray Donovan best of the bunch.

Hillary does well when she conversationally talks issues. Not when she laughs. Ben Carson is fine with a Christian theocracy.

Forty Niners’ new thug uniforms. Look more like Raiders. Sun low as a cool wind blows right on cue. Autumn rolls in. Can it be true?

2 Replies to “Seasonal Slant”

  1. Why Veep???? Why? I don’t get it!! Kimmy, Louie so much better. Not even close. Who is JLD…….? Dramatic actor had to go to Jon but could have gone to literally any of them. Stellar performances. Ray is King. Viola a bit too much for me. She is an awesome talent and I congratulate her on winning but we get it. Sorry!!


    1. Jon for the body of Mad Men. Truly deserved. Turns out he is more Dick Whitman than Don Draper. Liev is unreal as Ray.

      Most unfavorite tv show is VEEP. Never liked JLD. Even in Seinfeld. Yuk. Most awful book I’ve read in recent years, Olive Kittredge. Don’t get any of that. Viola haven’t seen the show. Game of Thrones is good. But, it’s no MadMen.

      Andy Samburg was cute and as you said comfy. Great to see Tracy.


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