GOT Steel?

Game of Thrones 4. Valyrian dagger. Needle too. Brienne challenges Arya who emerges as the steel of the North. Sansa is depressed. Littlefinger is impressed. In the South. Cersei is possessive of her Iron Throne. Jon Snow tries to thwart dragon incineration of her Lannister shields. Khaleesi not to be deterred. Who pushed Jaime into the drink? A hunky Tyrell?

Meanwhile. Over at Ray Donovan. It will take mettle to get through this one.

Dangerous Ray

Saw “Ray Donovan” on Broadway in Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Liev Schreiber the unlikely Vicomte de Valmont in the incredibly true-to-Laclos’ 1782 French novel. What?! Yes. He is a big lug of a roué. Not sure why he chose this particular role. Read the risqué epistolary work in its original French. Graphic and ribald typical of the day. Très débauché. The play stayed in period all the way. A good thing? Hmmm. It was 3 heures long.

Cut It Out

Terror attacks. Everyone wants to ascribe labels. ISIS. Al Qaeda. Lone wolf nut. Disgruntled guy. Who cares. It’s a terrible trend. Advantage Trump?

Emmys. Cut-out dresses dominated. Jeb! finally showed a sense of humor as Uber driver. But. Cut out giving same people awards every year. Boring. Kimmel slammed Mark Burnett. What happened to Chris Rock. Strange show.

Season finale. Ray Donovan. Rocked it out gently and slowly. Well done.

Coup de Not

Looks like Turkey’s attempted military coup kaput? We’ll see. Erdogan back in Istanbul. Global instability galvanized. Just as Trump fails in a last ditch effort to overturn his family’s push to choose Pence instead of going with his gut. Fatal error?!

Emmy noms are replete with the usual suspects. House of Cards. Game of Thrones. Homeland. Veep. For my money they missed the best ensemble week after week. Ray Donovan.

Lost in Translation

Yogi Berra. Junipero Serra. Yankees. Mets. Putin. Trump. Mickey. Terry. So. When you come to a fork in the road take it.

Final Papal thought. He met with sex abuse victims. Ray. Bunchy. Unless you speak Spanish, you missed most of what Pope Francis really said. Idioms, off-script quips, dropped by abysmal and sanitized translations. Duplicated voiceovers. His passionate literary Argentine soul was totally lost. Che.

Seasonal Slant

As someone who thinks they watch too much TV. Can’t believe how few shows I’ve seen from Emmy nominees. House of Cards. MadMen. Homeland. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. That’s pretty much it. Hope Jon Hamm’s year. Ray Donovan best of the bunch.

Hillary does well when she conversationally talks issues. Not when she laughs. Ben Carson is fine with a Christian theocracy.

Forty Niners’ new thug uniforms. Look more like Raiders. Sun low as a cool wind blows right on cue. Autumn rolls in. Can it be true?