Sterling & Silver

Adam Silver tarnished Don Sterling’s patina for life. A polished decision by the new Commissioner. NBA behaviors need further scrutiny on all levels.

MadMen7. Sterling Cooper Draper’s most businesslike and influential partner is none other than Joan. Shrewd and strategic. The guys are mired in emotion and game-playing. Peggy reacted unprofessionally as well. Don’s decision to accept demeaning conditions and slither back to Pryce’s old crypt is either pathetic or brilliant. Meanwhile, resentful mother Betty acts like a child and is cruel to her poor son Bobby. But, bad Betty is true to character.

Game of Thrones. Stark’s Valyrian steel passes from Jaime’s tainted grip to Brienne’s hand to avenge Ned’s death. Who is the boy king’s father? Khaleesi amasses more followers. Where are those dragons? White Walker baby…


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  1. I saw in NYT food section today that the asparagus in Western Mass are way behind due to harsh winter. It felt like it is still winter here yesterday- back to polar fleece and hats.


  2. Pretty cool that Western Mass asparagus is mentioned in the NYT food section. Not cool that the season is off to a slow start! 😦


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