Un Rapt

Jerry Nadler needs a new cast. John Dean? How lame. Nobody who cares was even born during Watergate. Next up. Monica Lewinsky.

Joe v. Donnie in Iowa. Let’s see what happens. Crowd size matters.

Wouldn’t pay a dime for KD. Don’t do it Knicks. Barkley is right, he’d never make it in NYC anyway. He didn’t even stay to watch his team play. But. Hey. Game 6. Go Raptors!

Holiday Inn ad was gorgeous! Well done, mAdBen.

NBA Today

Celtics fan back in the day. Road trips with Dad to Boston in the old Garden. Russell, Cousy, K.C. & Sam Jones tore up the parkay. Finesse, passing, team play. Red Auerbach lit up his cee-gar when the game was in the bag. Those were the days.

Today’s NBA an individual game. Shoot and score. More of an entertainment enterprise, not a sport. Neighbor Rich Kleiman reps Kevin Durant andĀ Roc Nation Sports with Jay-Z.

As you heard it here first. Dennis Rodman, of the NBA and Celebrity ApprenticeĀ will be at the upcoming Singapore Summit with his pals Donny T and Kimmy Jong. Cannot make it up.

Sterling & Silver

Adam Silver tarnished Don Sterling’s patina for life. A polished decision by the new Commissioner. NBA behaviors need further scrutiny on all levels.

MadMen7. Sterling Cooper Draper’s most businesslike and influential partner is none other than Joan. Shrewd and strategic. The guys are mired in emotion and game-playing. Peggy reacted unprofessionally as well. Don’s decision to accept demeaning conditions and slither back to Pryce’s old crypt is either pathetic or brilliant. Meanwhile, resentful mother Betty acts like a child and is cruel to her poor son Bobby. But, bad Betty is true to character.

Game of Thrones. Stark’s Valyrian steel passes from Jaime’s tainted grip to Brienne’s hand to avenge Ned’s death. Who is the boy king’s father? Khaleesi amasses more followers. Where are those dragons? White Walker baby…