Mama Día

April Summer. Soggy May. Supposed to be a sunny Mother’s Day. Once a year we celebrate Moms. Like Valentine’s Day. Don’t get why there’s one day a year that obligates spouses and children to recognize us for stuff we love doing anyway.

Author Jay McInerney has a new book out about wine, A Hedonist in the Cellar. He was reminiscing about ordering his first bottle as a young man. A lovely 70’s staple, Mateus Rosé impressed his date at The Log Cabin restaurant ‘in Lenox’. Everything West of Boston seems to conflate. It was/is in Holyoke, Jay. An hour away. Jay once dated Lisa Druck aka Rielle Hunter. Wonder if she was that date?

Make Mama ‘Succulent Salmon’. RecipeDetours. So easy.

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    1. Maybe the Mayans were right. But, not really surprised about trading losses anymore. Are we going to see a Boies-Olson Prop 8 go national? Olson was on MSNBC last night and it sounded like it.


  1. Well I love the Mayans and they were brilliant but I hope it doesn’t come to pass! I am retiring that week! Check out the very short story “El eclipse” by Monterroso in whatever language you prefer!


  2. Thanks for finding it. I know I had mentioned it to you before, but it is a cool story. I love the ironic surprise endings in many Latin American shoot stories?


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