Bridge Sighs

True confessions. I will miss Reeege. I like Jon Huntsman. “Big Bang Theory” makes me laugh out loud. Mika is good when Joe’s not around. Turkey is boring. So are mashed potatoes. Family trumps bland food. Stuffington Prelude. mAdBen rising as MadMen stalled ’til March. Friends shine through.

EpicFalls. Down goes Frazier. I remember that thrilla in Manila, wow. Ciao Silvio, Euro rocked. JoePa ends on a sad Sandusky note. MJ insisted on bad medicine and got Dr. Murray. Cain calls Pelosi a princess, jokes about Anita Hill. Perry’s latest ‘gaugh’, U.S. should impose sanctions on Iran. Duh. Done so since Carter administration. Oops. Tiger simmers, but loses steam in Sydney.

2 thoughts on “Bridge Sighs

  1. agree on turkey so am making chicken this year instead. 45 mins easier than 4 hours standing over stupid bird which no one really likes or eats the next day or day after that.
    seasons greetings………………….


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