Kranky Kristmas 3 – OrnaMental

First things, first. Happy Something-Zero to Anne, dearest friend for 35 years!

When we last left you, Ben was cluelessly chatting with Pete Hamill in the Village, while Dr.Husband was being attacked by the evil tree that poked his eye out and ruined the house. Eye and house restored. Tree tossed in woods in broken stand. GodsonJame got holy water at St.Cecilia’s Mass with Grandma. Sprinkled on evil tree to exorcise demons. Dr.Husband shook head, no, still bad. WalMart. Plastic. No water. No needles. Dr.Husband happy, singing Hallelujah chorus. His wish came true after all these years. Sorry, Ben.

6 Replies to “Kranky Kristmas 3 – OrnaMental”

  1. whaaaaaaaaat plastic?? actually wish I could have gotten one of those but someone around here said” oh and it has to be real so it smells good”. well guess what, $ 75 later and no smell.
    next year, it will be Walmart ( are there any in NYC?)


    1. 70 bucks for real one here too, Ben will find creative use for it outside I’m sure
      at least I won’t sneeze and Joe’s nose won’t itch


  2. Happy, happy, joy, joy. First to Anne on her ___ birthday. And second, of course, for the MAGNIFICENT tree that now graces our entry foyer. But wait, I think I hear Architectural Digest calling.


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