White House administration slinked away from the so-called summit between Trump and Putin with little to say today. Their boss, The Donald is still chagrined about perceptions that his election was somehow tainted by Russian interference. And. Media’s conflation of collusion and meddling collides with the American Prez’s insecurities. Vlad plays into that knowledge. He’s a slick slippery yet savvy guy. There’s nothing much below the surface here. It’s the egos of these two men at stake. Not their countries, nor constituents. It’s not a grand scheme. Rather a much smaller ball than was tossed between them.

Cable News’ reaction a comical conflagration of indignation. No matter. Democrats are preparing for 2020. Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders. Cory Booker. Kamala Harris. Joe Biden. So. Yeah. Be very afraid.

First Troll

First Lady Melania uses fashion as her voice. The infamous jacket with I Don’t Care Do You the most overt example of her inclination to speak through clothing choices. Perhaps she longs to be a Tsarina as her husband admires autonomous regimes. The buttercup gown she wore to dinner in Oxfordshire was a J Mendel, established in 1870 St. Petersburg, Russia for the Romanovs. As they go to meet with Putin. Not an idle sartorial decision to be sure.

Today she played bowls in a striped Victoria Beckham. Never shy in her bespokeness. Funny.

Rallies Rising

While all you Democrats have been bingeing on burgers and dogs. Swimming. Beaching. Banning Alan Dershowitz from Chilmark General Store. Trump’s been out and about. In Montana. Wisconsin. Indiana. Speaking to crowded arenas. His re-election campaign started a while ago. Those same people who lined up to vote for him are still packing stadiums.

I know. You’ve got a great strategy. Abolish ICE. Scream about the Supreme Court nominee. Even if a she. And what a fabulous list of potential new candidates for 2020! Hillary. Bernie. Joe. Lizzie. Don’t come crying to me when you need more medication for your TTSD.



Spotted this enterprising guy in Central Park. Where else could his buttons be more popular? As I was buying one as a gift for my TTSD-suffering Dr. Husband, a group of school kids came over wanting to see the array of choices. Dr. H bought them a few, too. One young man whispered to me, “I voted for Trump over Hillary”. He was maybe 12. I said, why? He said because if Hillary were President, we’d already be at war now. Hmmm.

Then a wonderfully hilarious column about MSNBC addiction in the NY Times spoke to me. Every time I walk into a room it’s on. Pedantic pontificating hosts are killing me! So related.

“It’s Mueller Time”

T-Rump Policy

Whether it’s Kim Thong or Kim Jong, there’s a different diplomacy paradigm under T-Rump. Including all of their uncommonly large booties. Kim Kardashian has brought pardons into play. Maybe even for Martha and Blago, too. Kim Jong Un is now part of the global fray. It sure is a new day. Roseanne’s not to be left out. She didn’t want a second season anyway. Gotta say. They all bring in high ratings.

Up Front

This week in NYC the up-fronts come to town. Traditional old television networks present advertisers with their lineup for the new season. Tough times with all of the alternatives for watching shows now. Can hardly name more than a handful that are worth tuning in to NBC, ABC, CBS. Or Fox. Maybe the competition will make them better. So far not so much.

However, there does seem to be a tide turning. ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel and NBC’s SNL are starting to admit that Trump-bashing comedy, low-hanging jokes are falling flat with general audiences. Hope Democrats will take the hint and realize that a positive message and charismatic candidate will gain more voters than a constant TTSD rant.

SOTU Sipping

Tonight’s State of the Union drinking game. It’ll be tempting to start early just to get through it. But. At 9:00, take a swig of your favorite libation every time you hear: Strong. Security. Safety. Border. Jobs. Judges. Economy. Infrastructure. Bi-partisan. Best ever!

Every time there’s a camera on a Dem sitting on their hands or nodding off. Are they all dressed in black? What color’s Melania wearing? Who is with her? Resting bitch face or fake smile? Okay. Take a chug for every shot of her scowl.