Misandry is accepted. Misogyny is dissed. Trump the equal opportunity insulter is regularly panned for his attacks on women. Despite his calling guys sweaty, short, fat, stupid. Get it coming from the left. They push the war on women to raise money and gain votes. But. Don’t feminists realize the disservice they do to themselves by bunching up in vivid victimhood?

Monolithic labels demean every group. David Brooks’ column takes that misguided route.

Ecu Meniacal

Old men in red yarmulkes, pointed hats, lace skirts. Patriarchal hoarders of financial assets protected by lack of inheritance. No marriage allowed. Holy See! Pomp and circumstance. Incense. Gregorian chants. Anachronistic opiate. Centuries of secreted debauchery. Can a new Pope cure this?

And we have the resurrection of Paul AynRyan. Oh boys.

Mad Women

1967. Things tipped earlier in Manhattan than in the ‘burbs. Peggy took her shot. Go, girl! Without good looks, she needed extraordinary drive, focus and talent to succeed in the mAd men’s world. Joan made a decision to use her physical assets to control her financial future, rather than continue to have them used and abused by Roger or even her own husband for no return. Megan’s beauty got her Don, and an easy chair at the copywriter’s desk. Making her Peggy’s peer. Megan has ad talent. But, she’s determined to be an actress. So, she’ll need to re-deploy her other skill on a casting couch to launch her new career. ZooBeeZoo.

Poor Don. He’s confounded and befuddled. When Joan strokes his cheek and tells him he’s one of the good guys, it’s clear. He’s not in Kansas anymore.

Here is Matt Creamer’s review. Don’t agree that Joan and Peggy were competing against each other to be Queen Bee. They both ended triumphant this week. If Don had talked Joan out of doing the deed and they got the account anyway, she wouldn’t be a partner. If Peggy had stayed, she’d always be Don’s protégée.

Cool Guyz

I like guyz in general. Some are cooler than others. On my cool guy list this week: John Slattery, I’d get in the passenger seat of his Lincoln any day; love Willie Geist on anything, he’s smart and funny, zany in a sane way; Russell Brand, ditto, in an insane way; los mineros de Chile; bloggers Jake-o-Lantern and his wacky Dad. Of course every week Jack. My Jack. Yes, boring as it is, he read my comment on the air yet again. I wrote about another cool guy, read it here.-Question: How will our children’s lives compare to ours?

The whole O’Reilly dust up on the View looked like a put-up PR stunt to me. I didn’t see it but since Julie Chen’s new show starts Monday, I’m just sayin. Oprah is taking Jon Stewart’s audience to the Sanity Rally. Oh yeah, he’s a really cool guy. Did I mention Jon Hamm? He was hilarious on live 30 Rock. Oh, that reminds me of Alec Baldwin.

Carol Colitti Levine – I Heart Men

I “heart” men. There I said it. I think they get a bad rap. It started with The Berenstain Bears series. Wife and kids ridicule the ever silly things Dad does. Look at most current TV commercials. Wife wiltingly indulges her dolt of a husband’s feeble attempts at one thing or another. Kids giggle as Mom makes him feel bad by doing it better. They give him a look of pity and derision. Women who make jokes about how lame men are. Do they have sons? Why make it us vs. them? Men are not perfect. Neither are women. Men are not from Mars. Women are not from Venus. Bottom line. It’s about the person, not the gender.

Aside from that, Nancy and Bronco celebrated her bday together in Boise. Welcome to all you Facebook people. Love to have your book, movie, political, restaurant, recipe ideas here!  Oh, yeah and Phippy still can’t putt.

Treks for Thought

If you’ve overdosed on pajama-grams or the nordic combined, here are some diverse treks for thought:

Local hero- Dr. Ian Goodman went from Springfield, MA to Haiti last week to rescue severely injured children.  He was able to bring eight of those who could be most helped back to Massachusetts.   A former pediatric resident, Ian is currently an ER fellow at the Baystate Medical Children’s Hospital (Tufts University) in Springfield.  His story is inspirational.

The Moth, is a story telling organization.  It was founded in 1997 by George Dawes Green, poet and novelist from Georgia, to recreate summer evening porch stories, told by everyday folks.  Now a New York City institution, you can hear the famous and not-famous recount their personal tales.  It could be replicated in any local community’s school, senior center, theater group.

If you like Sarah Palin, don’t read this provocative editorial from NYU’s Washington Square News.

CandyPants Rant:  Does anybody understand the ice skating scoring?  I liked the chauvinistic, corrupt but simple 9’s and 10’s.  And what’s with the mogul ski guys lounging on futons?